Grad Present

I am Graduating from Elementary School at the end of the month and my parents said that I can get a Guitar (Which I’ve wanted for a long time) or an Mp3 player (That I would use a lot).

I am unsure which one to pick, Can any one help?

go for the guitar! I teach lessons!

Get the mp3 player.  There’s no reason for spending that much on a guitar that you just “want” instead of something that you KNOW you’ll use. 

If it’s a present, why not go for the guitar… Even a low-end guitar costs more than an iPod. If you don’t like the guitar, you could sell it or trade it for an iPod, or two!!

Though I do use my iPod EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE, even right now! An MP3 player would get more use, probably. Learning to play guitar is a priceless skill though.

A grade 7 grad present?
Why they used to let you stay up until 8:30 when you passed Grade 7! That was your present. 
If you couldn’t pass grade 7 they made you ride a short yellow bus to the school where kids born with green fur went, and learn to weave baskets and make broom handles.

Pick the guitar you spoiled brat! :smiley:

Get the axe, and get real good, and then you won’t need to worry about high school.

Grab the guitar, an ipod is such a personal and quiet little thing. Where a guitar is something you can share with the whole family! Mom and Dad will remember your graduation for years to come, as you grind out yet another rocker! :imp:

Guitar 5, iPod 1
Any idiot can use an iPod. Only some can be good at music, don’t miss your chance to find out if you’re one of them.
Think of highschool too. How many girls are going to be impressed by an iPod?

Get the Guitar ! :imp:

Get a guitar, but dont learn any CCR, or Ramones.

Learn tab right away, get guitar pro, will be your home away from home.
Learn every Nirvana song there is.  That will teach you all your basic chords.  Learn When i come around by greenday, that will teach you basic palm muting.  Learn a few acdc songs not the solos though.  Learn the entire master of pupets album by metallica.  That album basically teaches you everything you need to know on guitar.
If you manage to make it past that album which most people dont, learn some jason becker, yngwie, satriani, vai.

Or you can just get an ipod and listen to all those bands.  But dont download ccr or ramones.



I totally second that!  Hell… I even agree with some of it!

Alright, so a Guitar it is.
No I am guessing I will be buying it from East Wind… West Wind… Whatever it’s called, and then buying the accessories seperately?

Hmm I wouldnt, i would order one of these guitars … s%26sa%3DG … s%26sa%3DN
and my fav

Have you considered Teddy’s? They sell guitar’s there I believe.


When did East Wind start selling insturments? AND WHEN DID GRADE 7’s GET GRAD PRESENTS?!?!

Geez, my grad present NOTHING!

For graduation grade 12 I got a Mac. My sister got a trip to Disneyland, a computer, a rings, $300 cash and a whole wack of other stuff from my parents. And I was the one who graded with honours!!