GP Flooding

Any of you Rupert/Grande Prarie folk catch the weather tonight? I saw a small car float down the street! Pictures didn’t turn out very well. Most of the streets were flooding over the curbs, and some of the intersections were over a foot deep. We saw people waist deep on the bypass! Spent the night cruising in a lifted F-350 pushing flooded cars out. The lightning was crazy, knocked out the power.

Yeah dude, there was a few cars sitting in mini lakes on Resources that I passed on the way home. I’ll try to get Ilmer to upload one of the vids he took. Crazy weather.

The storm was everywhere last night, but that dark low-lying section that moved in through townwas especially impressive. I was sitting in the doorway on the back deck watching and listening. The huge rain only began when the darkness arrived. The lightning got very intense as the storm pushed through my area. Many nearby strikes, all incredibly loud. My bedroom window got blown of its hinges and fell on the table. The alley was flooded, and Avery’s place a couple houses down was struck. It blew up his porch railings and some electronic night light thing of his daughters… Which doesn’t run on an outlet… Our power didn’t go out for any longer and a couple of seconds. My TV, PS3 and computer never shut down, though I probably shouldn’t have left them plugged in. It looked like a house at the end of block was also hit. Pretty cool storm. I tried to take some video of it, but my cameras sucked in the dark.  The amount of flashing in the sky between big strikes was something I havn’t seen before. Awesomeness!