Government Flip Flop on Coastal Defense

WTF is going on with our government? Somehow, I fail to feel all warm and fuzzy about our political leadership when a major decision like cutting our Navy in half is rescinded the very next day.  

Today … nd014.html

Yesterday … ships.html

So you think we should have a navy or we shouldn’t have a navy? Not quite clear on where you’re going there.

While the government clearly isn’t handling the issue with much skill or clarity, at least they had the brains (such as they are) to reverse what seemed to me to be a rather dumb decision. If you have oceans as part of your entry points to the nation it’s probably  best to have something around to keep an eye on them 

Ok I’ll give the government this much, someone beat some sense into them overnight. And yeah I guess I’m expecting a lot to think that before a government makes any major decisions, they should carefully consider them so they don’t have to change their minds one day later.

It doesn’t take a strategic genius to realize how stupid it is to cut an already under resourced Navy. I’m pretty sure most Canadians realize we are asking our tinpot Navy to protect two of the longest coastlines in the world and we now have the Artic Ocean now opening up and being coveted by other nations. 

Building and maintaining military capability is not something you should be changing  on a whim. You don’t run down to the corner store and pick up a couple of ships and trained crews when you need them. I think the following article makes for a good read about the type of long term strategic thinking we should be expecting from our Government … not knee jerk reactions. … -smol.html