Got sunshine?

Moved to Ontario, gotta say the sun on my skin every day sure feels nice, I feel sorry for you guys stuck in that rathole, 9 a.m. and its too hot already for pants gotta wear shorts and being a Rupert boy my whole life I am used to needing a winter coat before noon, hot enough for shorts and a “T” shirt maybe twice the whole summer, not here my friends they have this big yellow ball in the sky all day, they call it sunshine here, I had never heard the term before, well heard it but never experienced it its like a different world.
    Got my ticket to see Judas Priest aug.13, trying to get a ticket to see Rush still and Led Zepplin announced a 4 day reunion show in Toronto, are they comming to the pac. anytime soon? LOL! Sorry, just had to rub that one in, its sooo damn nice to have some actual culture to enjoy, going to see the museum of natural history today, planetarium tomorrow, this must be what “living” means you guys have no idea  the effect of lack of sunshine is having on your mood, for me it was like being let out of a box with a tight lid, blue sky and hot sun is hard not to like, finally get to tan instead of rust, so whats the weather like in rupert this week or do I even need to ask? Ohh yeah, shopping here is just a tad better, going to pick up my 7.0 meg modem this aft, a whopping 29.99 a month for it including 200 HDTV channels, what a rippoff yeah? LOL …eat shit and die citytwest!

damn, you really hate rupert. i dont blame you though.

Can’t wait to see what you say in winter…100+ days of cold and snow and shitty drivers! :imp:  What about the yellow air (smog)  I prefer being able to breath without coughing.  I can’t disagree with you that rupert does suck but I don’t agree with you that Ontario is better, they each have the positives and negatives.

oh yea  just love the 3 hours on the 401 to get to work everyday lol

Hehe, you kidding me? I love that shit, gonna buy a used 1993 Yamaha FZR 1000
from a guy a few streets over, make that same trip 45 minutes. I’m not in downtown toronto anyways, I’m in the Durham region so its laid back but still close enough to where the action is and I havnt seen any smog out here, just when we drive into Toronto, its definatly ugly. as far as breathing goes I have suffered from allergies all my life in Rupert,  they are gone now must have been the trees I think, better for me in the smog it must choke out those pollinating trees

Not only is ChrisJ glad to be away from Prince Rupert, the rest of us are glad he’s moved too.

We’ll have to make sure that ChrisJ gets his invitation to the next Rupert reunion, sounds like he misses the place desperately… :imp:

He who praises you for what you lack, wishes to take from you what you have, that is what my signature says isn’t it?

ChrisJ misses us already, how sweet of him. We miss you too Chris!

Hi ChrisJ! :smiley:  Good to hear that you’ve settled into your new digs and that you’re enjoying yourself. :smile:

you’re not speaking in my behalf I hope =\

I agree, it must be nice living somewhere for so long then moving somewhere that’s totally kick ass,

I’m happy you found a place you like ChrisJ, send us postcards man; and visit us every once in a while =

Yeah, I’d like a pretty sunset postcard Chris.

I’m glad you like it where you are.

second that chrisj good luck to u there… :smiley:

Hey thanks guys for the encouragment, I didnt mean to piss so many of you off, well I did but I am certainly enjoying all the interesting things there is to do out here and yeah there is no shortage of good looking available women, the scenery looks just fine. One thing is for sure I took our drinking water for granted, Rupert has the best drinking water hands down, the water here smells like sodium hydroxide and chlorine mixed together and tastes like…S02 and chlorine mixed together, imagine that! These people all spend a small fortune on bottled water every day, I bought a bretta but it still tastes like shit its just purified shit tasting water and i have always been a big water drinker so I do miss the nice soft, good tasting water right outta the tap. On the good side its the first time I have seen my bandwidth monitor read in megs not k’s, i was able to download SP3 for xp in two minutes, a full length dvd in an hour, gotta like that.
  Day to day household items are really cheap for example, crest vivid white toothpaste in rupert $11-$12 …here $2.99 for the same size tube and its the same with shampoos and most everyday items, food is so cheap its almost unbelievable, what would have been a $250-300 shop in rupert was $80…thats right overflow a shopping cart full of the same brand name stuff for $80 so we get fucked hard in rupert by the food merchants, i knew that just didnt know how hard of a fucking it really was.
  If you like the nightlife every night we have seen absolutely killer rock bands in the clubs here, if you liked “metalshop” you would be in heaven here, you can see that type of thing any night of the week if thats your type of thing along with some really good jazz clubs…all packed with friendly single women :smiley:. To me the trade of shit water for decent entertainment is a fair trade, I can buy decent water here, couldnt buy decent entertainment in rupert for any price, I find myself looking forward to all the fun things the next day will bring, something that never happened to me in rupert its just the same daily grind there, boredom and rain. I have made alot of good friends in rupert over the years, some as close as brothers and I do truly miss them all, its the hardest part of moving, gonna have to just suck that up i guess I’ll give rupert that much, some of the best people on earth live there although I dont know why.

Hilarious! I agree with your sentiment: “…eat shit and die citywest.”

Congratulations, ChrisJ! :sunglasses: 
We’ve never met, but, I feel that I know you.  I’m raising a frosted glass of malt beverage in your honour and toasting your health!  I hope you enjoy your new locale!  Enjoy yourself, man:-)  Have fun:-)

Lol I told him to bring me home a nice handsome man when he comes home for a visit.

Hmmm, ChrisJ moves away and suddenly the forecast is for nothing but sunshine… … image_city

discuss among yourselves…

I had a beautiful day of fly fishing today.  Didn’t catch a damn thing other than a tree but thats because I haven’t fly fished in 10 years.  Its been raining in kelowna the past few days but its warm rain  :sunglasses:

It’s so freaking hot today! sweats :sunglasses:

Agreed…it is awesome in town today! :sunglasses: 

time to crack another cold one***