Got heat?

How’s the temp’s for ya all today? Five to 1 pm here and its 27 and just like an oven, gotta like it, our first day using the air conditioners…w00t!

12:10 and only 20 degrees here , the sun is out and should hit 25 for my walk tonight

You’re getting annoying with your attempts at justifying your Rupert desertion.  One can only wonder what you did before you left Prince Rupert!
One thread about the weather wherever you are should have been enough.  A second thread is too much already considering there could be many more hot days where you are. 

If you are so busy, then why waste your time posting here?

BigThumb doesn’t live in Prince Rupert.  Lighten-up with the insults please.

now now…let all makeup :smiley:

Currently At 9:40PM
Mostly Clear
Winds: WNW
at 5mph
Mostly Clear
Humidity: 77%
Dew Point: 73° F
Pressure: 30.10 in
Visibility: 10 Miles

I win ChrisJ… sorry


Where are you posting from, baker? :smiley:

South Alabama.

You’re having some very nice weather:-)

I think that negates your claim to winning… Its cold as fuck in Kelowna right now :frowning:

I was just joking … i realize i am south of the border but chrisj did ask a open question. It’s not a big deal either way.

Updated:Saturday June 7 2008,6:00 EDT- Buttonville Airport

25 °C

Partly cloudy
Feels Like: 31
Wind: SW 9km/h
Sunrise: 5:35
Sunset: 20:57
Relative Humidity: 65%
Pressure: 101.31 kPa 
Visibility: 24.0 km
Ceiling: 27000 ft

not too bad for early in the morning yeah? Alabama dont count mate, we are canadians! My sister and brother in law can post us a 40 C from miami , but its out of bounds once yer outta the country :smiley:. Dont take too too much offence kiddies, I just love to comment on the weather after 40 years of that wet, cold shit climate, my relatives keep saying to me “you can stop the comments on how nice the weather is anytime, its the summer now, it will be nice for the next 12 weeks, its normal so shut the fuck up about it, your not in the rainforest anymore”. I still find it thrilling to know that the sun will shine everyday, thats a big damn deal to me and I am loving it, I may be over reacting to it but I am sure many of the rupertites can relate.

Heh-heh…what they said. :smiley:

I searched for Budapest, HU but I think it brought up results for Prince Rupert…

78% Humidity
3800ft Ceiling
26km/h East

Hey Chrisj    does that mean that you can actually plan a barbeque ???  lol    Keep up with the weather reports

I am also Canadian

Is this a competition?  Highest temperature wins?  Are those the rules?

If so, see you in the fall, Toronto. 

Chris J lets chat some more when the humidity heats up in July cant go outside and BBQ cause of the thunder and lighting. Yes it rains a lot here, as it does in Port Alice, Tofino and Vancouver.  When you are buried in 25 feet of snow and have shovelled your walk 5 times since 8am and its only 11 I am sure we will be hearing from ya!

Have fun in the sun … there is always a price … wait till October haha!