Got enough "Stuff"?

I liked this, though I would share it with ya all:

i like that too, i wish there was some way i could contact certain places and ask them for the stuff people throw away, ie walk mans cd players ipods etc etc, if there was a such place IE ipod place to send your old ipod to then apple could referb them and sell them for cheap for people who can’t afford the new ones, or donate them.

Way to make me feel really guilty!!!

Talking about stuff,  what’s the expected battery life for an iPod Nano ( bought in December 2006)?

Re: '06 Nano,

I got one during that quarter and have been using it for approximately an hour a day ever since. I’d estimate that its charge-holding time has been reduced, at worst, 10% over the last year-and-a-bit of frequent use.

The Apple battery life naysayers must have their units constantly on charge in order to get the figures I’ve heard them reporting. I just don’t think their batteries are nearly as bad as those of most imitators and competitors. Their laptop batteries, however, are a different story. But all manufacturers pretty much fail on that front.

Well i get about 4.-5 hours on my macbook pro, with bluetooth turned off and screen dimmed down.

I can’t use this screen at full brightness, this new led backlite is BRIGHT!!

Lithium Ion batteries lose capacity from two things:

  • the number of charge / discharge cycles (most are good for 500 or so)

  • the age of the battery.

So even a 2-year old battery that’s never been used is not going to hold as much of a charge as a brand new one.

Don’t fall for any battery voodoo, there isn’t any.  Don’t discharge it all the way and then back up again for fear of some mysterious memory effect, it simply doesn’t exist (and never has).

Keep your stuff plugged in when you can, but enjoy the battery too. 

One thing that sux about the new Macbook’s & pros is you can’t swap the batts when they are on like the older g4 pb’s and ibooks :frowning:

I remember the old days your batt was running low you shut the lid it went to sleep, you popped in a new batt opened it up and you were off again all in under a minute. Now you can’t do that any more :frowning:

It’s still good to have 2 batts, ESPECIALLY when they are free :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to rice up the Mac mini. Mine was one of the original single-core Intels. Do you guys know any tips to maybe changing out the CPU? … hp?t=91459