Gosh. Yeh Leave for a second and then everything Changes

It all changed and I was gone for like two weeks without coming On.
Imagine how much you’d all fail if I NEVER came back = o
What a thought!

I need a map of Vancouver, but I want to buy it here. It should be a tourist map with like the malls and stuff along the way.
The cool Stuff.
We’re all cool kids on the inside.

But I already checked Zellers and they didn’t have the right ones, I asked my aunt.
I was just there.
So A Map- Vancouver, not Victoria or Penticton. Vancouver- Burnaby is where I’m staying so yes.

Gas station, not Zellers. They all have maps. If you’re in Burnaby, MetroTown and Brentwood Mall are along Willingdon. Lougheed Mall is on the east edge of Burnaby. They all suck.
If you’re in South Burnaby, everything is strung along Kinsgway.
If you’re in North Burnaby you never need to leave the Boundary-Sperling, Hastings-Lougheed area except to go to Future Shop.
If you’re at BCIT, you’re hooped. There’s as much traffic and as many lights to get to either Hastings or Kingsway as there are From Rupert - PG…