Gordon Campbell in town tonight

At the curling club, for a Liberal fundraiser.

Is there going to be a protest rally outside?

Protest what?

Pretty sexy avatar you’re boasting there, hoshq. Really.

You like? I got new glasses.

we need gender listings or something. I thought hoshq was a girl.


I’m really not sure how I knew he was a guy. Maybe his first name being Andrew, or visiting his website a few times.

Hmmm… they look familiar. They look really good on you man. Um. I say that in a “totally comfortable guy telling another guy he looks good” kinda way.

Though I didn’t see you on them this morning when you were walking, yes they are…err sexy glasses

You should totally report this to the staff @ the college, they’ll have a field day with it

They make you look like that alternative rock guy.

The lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies.

As for a protest… protest schmotest, it’s raining!


The lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies.

As for a protest… protest schmotest, it’s raining men…hallelujah its raining man[/quote]

I really want to ask him to make me some cambels chunky soup.

Happy 500 to mee happy 500 to mee happy 500 to mee eee happppyyy 500 to me.

Wanna hear a really crazy thing? Despite despising the Liberals, I lent my camera to a pretty girl so that she could go take pictures of them!

That’s crazy?

Yeahhh. You should have like, beat her.

I am un chien andalusia.

I like your glasses andrew (they are alot like mine, are they Roots too?)… but your hair is sorta Einstein - ish. But why do u need a bunch of computer dorks to swell your head?

I have the same glasses, but they’re Brooks Brothers.

Andrew is the savior.

and as for your avatar Mig… Napoleon is turning me on with those fancy dance moves.

Agreed. Probably protesting the lack of Provincial deficit lately. Wow, Gary Coons front page, what a left winged meat head.