Gordo is at Museum of NBC today at noon

Are we to be blessed or will he make an announcment about a “GOOD THING” that will happpen in Rupert AFTER the election.

I can only guess the faithful knew in advance .

Hmm, well it is an interesting appearance with but a week to go in the election, they must believe that the race is a tight one here between Mr. Pond and Mr. Coons and that they could wrestle it back from the NDP…

Otherwise he would probably skip Rupert and head for one of the ridings in PG which are close and could swing back the other way to the NDP.

Be interesting to see what comes of his arrival and what effect it may have on voting day.

Please don’t throw tomatoes at me when I walk into the luncheon today. I am just going for the free lunch.  :smiley:

may want to work on your reflexes just to be safe… :smiley:

There is no free lunch, you will pay forever

twas just a standard rally. No announcements.

No tomatoes were thrown. No one booed. Mellow gathering except for the lone one who yelled from somewhere in the wee crowd “we love you Herb”.

But still I came out rather annoyed: my hotdog was a tad overdone.

Hotdogs?  Man it’s the Liberals (nee Socreds),  aren’t they supposed to have caviar, lobster and steak at these functions??

Not if its a public function, they only give the fancy stuff at their private functions

How wee was the crowd??

If it was a Liberal soiree’ I would think they were serving Pork sandwiches with pig sauce.  

There were about 60-70 people, I figure.

They did serve crab later - which sucked cuz I’d eaten enough of the dogs and salad by then!

Did you at least smoke a fat cuban cigar and drink some port then?

I had thought that it was a private function by invite only and so that is why I went. I was in the mood for a surf and turf luncheon.

Oh, hotdogs and crab, right. Nevermind.

It was interesting to note that the new BC Ferries ship was parked at the cruise ship dock. Excellent photo op, Gordie; and we’re forever grateful.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m grateful too ,
Grateful for Gordo allowing the BC Shipbuilding Industry to become so irrelavent that they are not capable (?) of building a new ferry.
Grateful that all of those BC  Dollars went to a foreign shipyard in a foreign country.
Grateful that the Lib bus whisked hiim away.

Gee I would bet Herb felt as he did when he brought his lovely wife home to meet the parents, I would say he was probably just like a straight edge geek teen trying to look kool again.

didn’t you see??? You with your fellow NDP lovers weren’t there for YOUR free lunch??? Hmmm, maybe you were paying your union dues instead…
Really, get some new material. Beating on Herb is becoming so tiresome… One Trick pony. Do you need to look for your head again ?

Wow, you sound like you’re biased.

Have you all forgotten about the fast ferries disaster?  I have no doubt in my mind that if the new ferries had been built in BC they would be over budget and not finished on time.  The German company that built it did an amazing job of the ship, coming in on time and on budget. 

Fast ferries was a fiasco, but there is a ‘multiplier’ effect when money is spent in our own economy, ie every dollar of new economic activity circulates around about 7 times generating income and tax revenue as workers and suppliers in turn spend their wages and revenue on other goods and services. Even if the ferries were more expensive if built here there would have been offsetting economic benefits. And not every ship program in BC needs to be a fiasco, eg the Navy is doing fleet maintenance work in BC that was formerly done back east.

Mention the new German-built ferry next time some local Liberal business owner asks you to shop local.

Yeah, you could buy some item locally, but you could get it overseas for half the price. 

Ask them which makes more sense to them.