Gopher Prefix

Does anyone know exactly what Gopher Prefix is  And why when I run Highjack This its there and when I try and get rid of it  it keeps coming back

What does it say for the gopher prefix?

gopher is an old protocol like http:// and ftp:// etc.  It’s from the days before the web.

Hey Mig  Then why is it showing up in Hijackthis ???

What does it say for the gopher prefix? 

It’s normal.  Your web browser handles gopher stuff (or at least it should).  Click this:


And you’ll load up a gopher site.

What exactly does it say for the gopher prefix in hijack this?  If it just says that your web browser is handling it, then no problem.

Yea it was just 013 Gopher Prefix    and that was that    then I went to one of these help forums and people were saying it shouldn t be there

Does that link I posted above work?  Then don’t worry about it.

I couldnt get onto the link but if you dont think its a problem then thats ok with me  It just seemed strange because I never saw that before    Thank you though for all your help

So, just to confirm, if you put  gopher://  in your browser’s address bar, does it do anything?

'cause it should work just fine in Firefox.

Im not using Firefox