Google voice/talk from ipod using wifi

Apple’s recent Google voice solution was very misleading for ipod users so I decided to check out another solution. I found an interesting app that does the job quite well. It’s called Talkatone and it is very simple to use once you have a Gmail account with voice/talk. I downloaded it from Itunes (Free) store, installed it, started it and it prompted me for my Gmail login and password and 2 seconds later all my contacts and call history have been dowloaded. Thats it. Find the keypad, start dialing. It has a “Send Location” feature which I tested between another ipod with Talkatone and uses gmap to show the other users location. Still testing but am impressed so far; thought I would pass it on.

Correction. Google’s recent Google voice/talk solution…

Thanks for the app it works great

heres a great app for streaming your music library from your home pc/mac to all your ipods-ipads -iphones over wifi. I tried it out an it works great, just sign up 4 the free account on link below, download on pc, pick the folders to share an download the free app from the app store,done.