Google Voice for Jailbroken Iphones

Was wondering if Mig or anyone else has checked it out? … one-users/

Honestly, I don’t understand why it needs to be an app.  It works just fine inside Safari.  There’s even a really light mobile version of it.

I use Google Voice all the time, by the way.  It rocks.

If you have any invites available MiG, any chance I can get one?

You need a US phone number to activate it – not available for Canadian numbers yet. I you have an American number (or can figure out how to forward an SIP number to Skype) then you can try it.

Email me at - I have two invites for whoever emails first.  But don’t bother if you don’t have a US number.

Also, Google Voice has free SMS, which is cool. Keeps all your messages like gmail too.   

Just 'cause, here are some screenshots of it working just great in Safari.  I’m still not sure what the fuss is about it not being an app.  Nobody’s complaining about gmail not being an app.  I thought the whole point of these web-based services was that it didn’t matter which computer (or phone) you were using, since you didn’t have to install anything.

Google Voice tries to make transcripts for your voicemail, and it’s pretty funny (it also sends you a text and an e-mail with the voicemail). 

The 4th screenshot has a voicemail from my father, who has a heavy accent.  Google Voice totally got it wrong.  It has a funny way of interpreting English accents too.