Google Reader

I’m a bloglines addict. Looks like Google has their own version of bloglines:

Anybody try it yet?

This is where you “subscribe” to blogs, and aggregate all of your personal selections in one site for easy viewing?

Yeah, I just tried it, but is still nicer. But give it time, I’m sure Google will work on the interface.

I currently subscribe to about 100 sites or so with bloglines (including HTMF!)

I don’t subscribe to this whole idea of subscribing to blogs.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about starting up a blog again. I’ll just be another one of those guys with a useless blog, but everyone should have one, right?

I’d better get my weakass digital camera back from Anita. Photos make any blog more legitimate, right?

I know it’s weak, but I’m thinking of using blogger or one of those sites, and just using one of their ready made templates rather than even aesthetically improving on them. My 10 year old web-design skillz leave something to be desired. I ph33r teh php and teh css.

The whole point is that you don’t have to visit a site unless there’s something new, and with bloglines, you see what’s new before visiting.

The neat thing is that some sites allow you to subscribe to keywords, so you are alerted when something shows up. For example, I subscribe to the keyword “princerupert” on flickr, so that if somebody uploads a photo and tags it with that keyword, it will show up on my bloglines.

Blogger’s actually pretty nice since Google acquired it. It allows image uploading and stuff. Quick and easy web publishing.

So shit like flickr, which is photoblogging, and blogger, which is textblogging, are all included in bloglines searches?

Did they automate some sort of crawler, or is there cooperation between all of those companies (I assume there are other companies integrated in their as well). Or is it like, they just gather every RSS feed they can find?

You put in the feeds. You subscribe to the RSS feeds that interest you, and bloglines aggregates them, and checks them for updates automagically.

[quote="#princerupert on the dizzalnet"][16:22] ping
[16:41] PONG!
[16:42] !PONG!
[17:14] Ping?
[18:09] Pongggg
[18:09] Sawwp
[18:09] Soup
[18:09] hey man
[18:09] What’s up man?
[18:09] I think I’m gonna build a blog
[18:09] I’m not sure if that makes me gay or not[/quote]

Hey, if you use something like – you can subscribe to keywords using RSS as well. So that if anybody makes a post with the word “eso” in it, for example, it will show up on bloglines. That is fricken cool.