Google Earth

Is anybody familliar with the update policy of Google Earth? The Rupert shot is the same as its been for a couple of years. No color and low detail. The Terrace and PG shots are much better, and most US cities are very sharp.
Is there a Goole Earth that you have to pay for to get better coverage?

That is Rupert 97 B-Line…No color and low detail…LOL    :smiley:

You guys know google is developing an operating system? Google Chrome OS. … me-os.html

Not to be confused with the green OS, or gOS as some people tend to do

They are different.  gOS is ubuntu based. I don’t really have much info on the google just yet. Lot’s of fake previews out there but Google is being tight lipped about it, and I’ve yet to find a legitimate preview. Anyways…back to doing whatever :smile:

gOS was installed on that line of WalMart Linux computers that never quite made it.
Pretty Google-centric but it does have a Mac style dock. I sold 1/2 a dozen systems with it in Baby Blue and Pink cases & keyboards 2 Christmases ago 2 for $499.
Every single one came back for Windoze because no matter how many times their kids installed MSN.exe it wouldn’t work! They were just goddam useless wodda ya mean we have to buy Windows? Everyone knows Windows and Office are free… how’s my kids supposed to learn the computer?

I don’t quite know why Google wants its own OS. They should have just got behind gOS or mainstream Ubuntu.

I thought those Walmart computers used Lindows?

Lindows morphed into Linspire because of the similarity in name branding with windows (MS started lawyering up).  Xandros bought out Linspire in 2008.  I dunno if Walmart is still selling inexpensive computers pre-loaded with Linux.

Nope,  just low end hp’s and discontinued Dell desktops.