Google earth

If you go to Prince Rupert or kaien island in Goggle Earth they finally updated the map  and what is so cool you can turn the map and see Mount Hays and  the and the surrounding area  from the horizon.

Too bad it’s hazy (typical rupert) and seems to be covered in snow.

Must have been taken in the winter time.

Ah well, at least we can use “Peter! Peter! I can see your house from here!”

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

wow so cool thanks for that, i can see my house too, look im shoveling snow out of my driveway…

Sweet! Thanks for the post. I have been waiting for them to update the pictures of PR for so long. Now when the cruise ship people look at PR on Google Earth before they come here they can see that it is snowy here all year long. I am going to sell dogsledding tour tickets online.  :smile: