Google Earth Live

Awesome!  Google Earth is beta-testing a “live feed” on a satellite.  So far it’s only on the area around Edinburgh, but I’m sure it will be spreading to other cities soon.

I checked it out this morning, and you can see cars moving and stuff.  If you zoom in on the downtown core, you can see people walking around.

Download the attachment and open it in Google Earth…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Awesome, if you scroll north of the city, you can see a guy fishing.  You can actually watch him fishing live!  He keeps casting out and reeling in.

Can anybody find him?  He’s just north of the city, right on the coast near the wooded area.

Pretty cool. There is a fire in the south eastern area of the town. Two firetrucks, and some people watching…

is this a joke or something all i see are clowds and no moving cars

I missed the fisherman.  I can see a bagpipe player on a hill right now.  I don’t know what he is doing in the middle of the night.  Probably partying.

Mee too!! :frowning: dam i wanna see people’s.

It’s too dark to see much now, but you can make out the lights of cars crossing the Forth Bridge.  I just watched a tanker going under it too.

hey mig.
iv tried to down load the beta but it says i can not run it… i do have google earth on my comp . can you help me out here , thanx

I found this out yesterday and went for a looksee right after I found it telecast on another site.  When I went there via my google earth, I scrolled just to the right of a series of clouds and witnessed a car chase and then a spectacular crash with explosion and everything.  Scared the bejesus out of me so much that I’m sort of reluctant to go back and snoop on the scotts again.

Okay, I just went back and it appears to be morning over there already.  Sunny too.  I just saw a white car parallel park and got a screen shot:

That guy looks like a better driver than when I last saw the site.

How often does regular Google Earth update its images?

Budapest is well over a year old…

Oj…  I have Down Syndrom…

That took nearly 40 minutes from my life, something that I will never get back.

We don’t celebrate Poisson d’Avril over here, so I was unprepared for that.

Yeah i saw the stig driving a Bugatti Veyron down one of the streets

Good fishing MiG.

I think you got three:  Omega, jleaman and CharlesT

Well done.

Edit:  Actually, it says the files was downloaded 34 times.  Great!

Yeah, now we can move “Where is this?” to a new version “Where is this happening?”

Anyone see the Google “Internet Access delivered through your toilet” for April Fools?

Yeah, that was hilarious:-)  I also liked the gmail joke where gmail said that they would send your e-mail hard copy to you by snail mail.

This is starting to seem like yet another of Google’s April Fool’s day jokes–all of Edinburgh is clouded over so you can’t see anything.  And the non-cloudy areas don’t have any movement.  Am I missing something, or is it just a joke?

Did you read the previous posts in this thread? 

Another notch on your belt MiG!

Guess I got fished in too  :neutral_face: