Google analytics

Been playing with Google’s Analytics program…

Here are some neat maps and charts:

Where in the world are HTMF visitors:

Most are in Canada, and of those, most are in BC, and of the BC visitors, most are in Rupert! Surprise!

Here’s something interesting:

This is significantly different than last time I checked. Looks like close to half of HTMF users are not using Internet Explorer.

This is based on a week’s worth of visits. I’m going to let it run a bit longer and then we’ll get info on return visitors, regulars, drive-bys, etc…

On the browser chart, what do you suppose consumes that big block of “other”?


Probably a combination of:

  1. RSS aggregators (Bloglines, my Yahoo, etc)
  2. Browsers that are not identifying themselves properly (beta versions, Opera, etc)
  3. Search engines, bots (though it’s collected using Javascript, so most search engines ignore this).
  4. People with Javascript turned off or blocking google cookies.

I’ll collect it for a few days, and see the results. But man, it’s super detailed!

Great to see that even though lots of people from around the world visit, this site is still a “Prince Rupert site” mainly.

I use FF 1.5B2 here at home, same on my laptop but 1.0.7 on my main work machine.

I hit HTMF from all three so my laptop and home machine would probably be other.

Opera is not listed there, neither is Slimbrowser, though that might be listed as IE since by default it id’s itself as IE.

I’m also using 1.5 Beta, and it’s not showing up.

As an aside, the 1.5 beta has been updating itself automagically, which is nifty. Anybody know if this is going to be a feature in the final version? ie: will 1.5 final automagically update itself to 1.51 or 1.6 when it’s available?

Wow, even more detail! If you have a website, you gotta try this thing.

Again, based on 2 or 3 days of data:

popular google keywords:

Lumping together of browser types:

And breaking out just Firefox versions:

And finally, platforms all lumped together:

Holy Chuck Norris Batman!

There has been one thread on the guy, never had any replies, and it gets tons of hits! Crazy!

Wowza pump up songs… so you’re saying that everything we write here can possibly bring more hits to this website?

[quote=“smartass”]Holy Chuck Norris Batman!

There has been one thread on the guy, never had any replies, and it gets tons of hits! Crazy![/quote]