Good place for a retirement party?

I’m looking at hosting a retirement party of around 30-50 people. I’d love to find one that can do food and drinks for an affordable price. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good venue for such a thing?

Maybe the racket centre? You can rent it for $75 and they have booze and bartenders. Just have it catered (Fresh Onion would be my choice).
The space isn’t huge but 30-50 might work. Not sure where else is affordable.

Upstairs of Breakers ? They do awesome Christmas parties and Joanne does a wonderful job with décor also ! Worth a try, lots of space, great views too !! And good food, especially their dry garlic ribs !!

that would be my suggestion also… nice view if your having in the daytime this time of year. I would ask for an Appetizer deal… yum!!