to vancouver for a week
try not to miss me too much :unamused:


Glad to see everyone loves me.

Chris Isaak was the Swat Commander on Silence of the Lambs.

As was in Blue Ridge Falls…

wtf random was that with the Chris Isaak.

It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.

Hey MiG… you look like this former gangster that was on the cover of the Vancouver Sun yesterday. Mind you… he was in a hospital bed and is now a blind quadriplegic from taking a few bullets to the head, but he looked just like you when you do the “looking up and eyes bugged out of your head” thing.

I’d have a picture to show… but you have to subscribe to all the damn newspapers online now.

ahah I’m really getting into the Chris Isaak mood. He’s got some good hits. Wicked game is the best :open_mouth:

aww man that’s a sweet avatar