Terrace is a good place to play golf.  Also, that is where my bro-in-law had a HOLE-IN-ONE!

Of the three local courses (Terrace, Kitimat and Rupert), Terrace ranks third in my opinion.  However, it is very far from the worst course I’ve played.  In fact, I think that we are pretty lucky with the quality/cost of the courses in the North Coast.

Oh, and nice work with the ace

I shot a 42 in Terrace about 1/2 an hour ago, now.  I’m pretty stoked as that beats my previous best score by 7 strokes.  I’ve yet to play PR, yet to play Kitimat, but I’ve played some courses down in the Okanagan and they were great with the exception of one shitty par 3 I played to teach my grandma how to golf.

I’m teeing off at about 9:00 tomorrow morning.

Hoping to beat my best score on the Rupert course, which shouldn’t be too hard, because my best score is like +70.

Eso - make sure you try and Happy Gilmore it at least once off of 18… just don’t fall down the hill afterwards.

first hole prince rupert.  Hit it in the right hand bush 1, took it out 2, hit it on the hill 3, took my lucky 8 iron, hit it in the hole 4.  Par…

coughbullshitcough :smiley:

I went 6 off the tee from #18 :frowning:

And I hit it 250  :smiley:

How many golfballs do you all find on the golfcourse after winter?

After winter?  How bout before the winter when everything is bare.  You gotta pick them up before some kid slides off course and ends up with a golf ball somewhere unpleasant.

Well Rain season in Rupert is November-December as I remember, so the occasion of sinking golf balls should be more common aye?

I started golfing again this year. I’m lucky to have the selection and quality of golf courses that I do, here in Northern Alberta. I’ll probably grab a membership at the Dunes instead of Spruce Meadows next year.