Going bananas

Remember Kirk Cameron from growing pains?

Well he is now devoting his life to proving that evolution is wrong and that intelligent design is correct. 

Here is a little video of him with his partner in his ministry, " The Way of The Master".  Cameron is on the right not saying much.


When I first saw this video, I thought it was a spoof.


Kirk Cameron ya he is a davoted christain, he does christain movies too. seen a few of these, very wierd, end of the world stuff.

But just think of your terrible fate if you’re not saved!!


A link to the whole 29 minute video, goddamn the arguments are ROCK SOLID !

And in the end it all comes down to recruiting.

They’re expecting an Atheist to realize that he’s an Agnostic, that he was wrong and he’s a sinner, and then they ultimately want him to join the way of dog. Nowhere are they willing to consider themselves wrong.

My dad knows a lot of Christians, and he says that most Christians aren’t christians any more.  Jesus would kick their butts if he knew what they were doing in His name.

Also, my dad says you should watch this:

The thing that really gets me about the theory of the banana being proof that God is intelligent and that he created it as a perfect food for us is that, if this guy understood anything about botany, he’d realize that he didn’t have a leg to stand on.

First off, the banana that we eat is actually a hybrid. This means that it’s cross-bred between a number of different species, in the same way that a mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse. This particular hybrid is sterile, so the only way to grow more is to cut off parts of plants and replant them.

Furthermore, all other species of bananas are full of hard seeds, which make them effectively inedible to humans.

Biologists worry that, since this banana species doesn’t breed naturally and is therefore relatively difficult to cultivate, all it would take is one kind of blight or pest particularly harmful to this type of banana to wipe it out completely.

So if this is the perfect food created by God to show us how he loves us, why is it that:
   a) it doesn’t breed naturally when it would not be any trouble for him to have created it as such, and
   b) it’s so potentially vulnerable?

And please, don’t give me that “because it gives God the chance to punish us for our sins if he sees fit” B.S. To me, that’s just a deus ex machina argument, with about as much intellectual creativity as the writers of a TV show rendering an entire season a dream because they’ve painted themselves into a corner with the storyline.

It would be even funnier if it wasnt so scary.

Let’s not forget that he also got one of his co-stars from Growing Pains fired because she posed for Playboy, which apparently offended his Christian sensibilities.

His sister Candice is a hardcore Christian, too. I think she even married Pavel Bure’s brother or something like that when she was pretty young. She and Kirk both do a lot of religion-related promotions.

Would you like to know more?