Go Netherlands Go

Go Netherlands Go!!!  Should be a great game.  If they don’t win I hope Germany does.

Awesome match so far!

that is true!!


Ah thanks Oranje!  You’ve knocked me down to 3rd place on the pool, after my all-too-brief stay at the top.

And after Ghana wins, I will be back in first.

I think I was the only one to pick the Netherlands in our pool.

Go Ghana!

And after Ghana wins, I will be back in first.[/quote]

Not if Forlan has any say in it :smile:

That Uruguayan goalie must be deserving of a raise to stop two of the penalty kicks…

That or the Ghana players choked under the pressure.

Penalty kicks are a crappy way to be eliminated.

Well that was disappointing.

CBC is streaming the games so I had it on background while on the computer.  Started watching it on TV during lunch.

However, soccer being soccer and me being me, I fell asleep with about 15 minutes to go. 

Go Paraguay!

Was not wearing my Oranje jersey today, but that was a wildly entertaining game.

Looking back at the “World Cup Predictions” thread, there are quite a few people still in the running.

BigThumb: Germany
MiG: Brazil
ThePodunkian: Italy
gray hair: Spain
hitest: Brazil
Bandit3999: Brazil
Eso: Netherlands
futureprincess: South Africa
CC Dynamo: Italy
Jewdrew: Uruguay
Goobylicious: Japan
BackAtIt: Brazil

Going by this informal poll, it looks Brazil was the favourite around here, despite Spain being ranked #1.

When is the Netherlands playing their next game?? I’m taking my daughter and her best friend on a three day get-away next week and the friend is a rabid Dutch supporter, we’re thinking it might prove hard to find a tv during that time and she may go nuts…

It’s on CBC, streaming even.  You can even watch it on your phone.  Satellite Radio?  Smoke signals?

Uruguay - Netherlands July 6, 11:30AM.

Figures…if that time is PST, we were probably going to be about 1/2 hour out of Ucluelet and check-in isn’t till 3pm. Plus I don’t have a cell phone and the radio reception there can be shitty.  :unamused:

Speaking of the games today, how about that guy from Uruguay who made the intentional handball to save a goal in extra time? What a hero.

Yup. Absolutely the right thing to do. Took a red card for the team.

Traded a red card for a slight chance that the penalty could be saved. Didn’t matter, as the Ghanian hit the crossbar.

Thank you Germany for putting me back on top. For the next few minutes, anyway.

Mig this is where its at…SPAIN

atom.com/funny_videos/mascot … ct_eleven/


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