Never seen this before, cool. Have any of you guysss had invites shown this way?


What a coincidence! Me, too!

I have seen the invites in three different spots… guess they like trying new things out.
I also noticed that the original way of showing the invites did not attract my attention and I didn’t even notice it.

They’ve changed them quite a bit, once one person asked me for an invite and they were nowhere to be found. So sadly that person had to wait a few days so I could examine the damn site to find out where the invites were…

Ive noticed today off and on that gmail has been really slow to load. Sometimes bang its there. Sometimes I get timeouts, hit reload, timeout, reload.

Anyone else seeing that?

Happens to me quite a bit too.

I think it’s because it generally uses javascript to load pages, and there’s no error-checking or anything like that in the transfers. They need some reliability code in the javascript, like if a piece of data isn’t received in a second or two, send it again, etc.

A strictly HTML version of gmail will overcome this, and they are working on one.

I use on my palm tungsten to check my gmail, and it works nicely. I can’t wait for an html-only gmail.

I heard that Google was trying to prevent third party programs from automatically retrieving gMail (and gMail notifying programs and stuff)…?