Gmail invites, round 4

Another big whack of invites.

I have 16 invites to give away. E-mail me, miguelb at geemail dot com (spell it right!)

yeah spell it right not wrong like me. … …

Wow, believe it or not, all my 16 invites are now gone.

If anybody has more, post here.

I received e-mails from people I didn’t even think would read HTMF, including one guy (you know who you are), who just happened by because of a sticker.

Those stickers rock. I tried to get my mom to put it on the back of our van, but she siad the Canucks stickers were enough.

aww i want some more stickers :neutral_face:

How long do we have to have an account for them to give us invites?

The Google l33t ranking system determines whether or not you deserve invites, and how many you deserve.

Actually, I have no idea. I have two gmail accounts, and I’ve maybe given out 30 invites so far. Other peole have had gmail accounts much longer and have never had invites.

Hmm… must go by the amount of traffic through your account.

Another question though, can I IMAP this? : )

I don’t think it’s based on the traffic. It might be random.

Speaking of…

I now have another 12 invites. So anybody who STILL doesn’t have a gmail account, you can e-mail miguelb at geeemail (spell it

Why would you want to imap this ?

This gmail looks to simple and hardly any options or any thing… Pretty basic…

What? What kind of options? It’s a web-based mail, dude. Which one are you comparing it to?

it’s just so plain. i hate how it doesnt go back to inbox when you send a message… i hate how i cant change the theme. : O ) its just so white…

Yeah, you must hate google too, it’s so plain. MSN is sooo much better.

no no i hate msn i love google… im just used to lots of tool bars in my email so i can sort and creat rules and stuff… that is all. once i was hooked on MAIL

Yeah, that’s the point. Compare it to MSN Hotmail, with all the flashing and beeping and annoying things. It’s e-mail. Period.

[quote]i hate how it doesnt go back to inbox when you send a message…

It does, just not in Safari. It’s a beta, they just added Safari support a few days ago. It works much nicer in Camino or Firefox.

Yeah, you can’t change the theme in Hotmail either.

I have 4 invites to give away. hoshkiw at gmail dot com.

holy shit, i just got 6 fricken invites WOOO

I posted on orkut (friends and friends of friends), and got about 40 requests.

Filled them all!

I think the more invites you send, the more you receive. I’ve been getting them in batches of 6, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.

I have still failed to receive any invites! :frowning: What is wrong with me!