Giving the all native a rebate?

its been a real hard year for Rupert for all the
community groups who just learned that they
have 25% less this year we had layoffs in the city
,i think the hotels and business owners should pick
up the rebate because the city has run dryand its
not fair to have to shut the civic center or pool to
make up for any short fall,city council needs to look
very hard and may be they can find 5% or so to help
but 50% is just to much for a town that’s cash strapped,
we need to watch our every penny things may just get
worse before they get better like in the states its going to
take more then just a good talker like obama to get back
on track,cash is king right know.

How did this end up in The Northern View?

I think someone is having far too much fun with their enter button… You know, it moves lines on its own?

That is too funny  Bubbasteve LOL  !  What is wrong with that guy anyway? I think he’s had too many jolts of caffeine  :smiley:

Is that supposed to be poetry?

the all native basketball tournament is a great
event i just think we need to look at it as a whole
community event and not just the civic center we
need everyone to help making this event a success.

My eyes get sore when they scan down the right-hand bumpy part.

First of all - why wouldnt this event be a success???

Second of all - its not the Prince Rupert tournament, its the ALL NATIVE tournament, meaning its a regional cultural event.  I know it brings some minor problems (bar crowd fights and such) but we should count our lucky stars that it is held here every year, It is a great time for many businesses in this community - especially within the hospitality industry.

Third - Please read what you write before you hit the post button, maybe some comma’s; a little proofreading never hurt anyone. 

And finally - If you do in fact work for the city I would LOVE to see the resume/cover letter that got you hired  :stuck_out_tongue:

It makes my brain hurt because I have to pause at every line. It’s hard to take him seriously when you have a dramatic pause in between every ten words… Maybe this is is a Shatner wannabe or something…

yes it is a great event and theres great folks behind it,my only
concern is that we as a city need to look at what we can afford
to give tax dollars to,we have many organizations in our city that
are struggling and need help our city itself is in a money crunch i
know the all native committee is trying to do its best i just thought
i would put this question out there to get outher folks thoughts.

You have placed #1 in the Category of “Misguided Ignoramous Posts of 2010” Congats!!! Yaaaay. Corporate and (other) sponsorship pays for most of the tournament. And the PR businesses get the spin-off revenue from the tournament.

Oh and, whether it is “the law” or not our city shouldn’t be handing out public tax dollars for SQUAT in my opinion - City Hall is a public infrastructure entity they have no business playing at “which interest group will be a good private business relationship later” game… :wink:

Like the tournament or not (my own personal feelings is not) it brings between 3 and 4 million dollars to the community every year, so for that reason and that reason alone I will tolerate it.

i will support it when they let all race teams play

I don’t understand why you ask whether the city can afford to “give tax dollars” to the All-Native … it’s not on the list of organizations receiving community grants.

My understanding from the council meeting is that ANBT has been paying about $21,000 a year to rent the civic centre … they are asking the city to agree to a $10,000 flat rate. This strikes me as more of a willing buyer, willing seller issue. Sometimes the sticker price is negotiable.

The ANBT has been held here for 50 years but I don’t imagine this is the only place where a basketball tournament can be held … especially considering that many teams and spectators travel here anyway, spend money on hotels and so on. Maybe like a lot of Rupertites the organizers will start shopping in Terrace …

I question whether the city can afford to give free passes to city employees. Why should they get in to recreation facilities for free?


This situation is like those American cities that want to host one of the plethora of Bowl games at the end of the college football season (or host a March madness semi final for that matter for a more sport oriented theme)

They all offer up bids as to what they can do for the organizing committee and then they select a host venue.  It’s which city that provides the best presentation that wins the day.

As has been outlined in previous sessions, the tournament does bring in a fair amount of visitors and money to the community during one of the slowest months of the year, so the local business community certainly benefits.

Yes there are disruptions, the bar crowd scene sometimes gets a little worrisome during the tournament, but not much worse than a usual Friday or Saturday I would suspect.

There are costs associated with the tournament, but for the rather small amount being looked at as a rebate/discount whatever, the cost of that rebate is probably more than balanced off by the amount of money that arrives in town in hotel reservations, shopping (such as it is with what is left here) and restaurant meals.

Maybe a user designated tax on meals/accommodations/sales during the year can be added on to the bills, with the money collected dedicated towards the Civic Centre (any additional monies collected above the rental for the tournament and other potential events (ie hockey tournaments etc) could go into the account for recreation programs for local youth (keep it away from the management dreaming  though, no more free rides for the fairly well compensated civic workforce).

Or maybe a combination approach with Tourism Prince Rupert and the Chamber of Commerce to access funding to make things as fiscally successful as possible for all parties. Maybe approach the federal and provincial governments for matching funds for culture and sport, that always seems to be a popular funnel for funding.

Terrace recently completed that much cherished second sheet of ice, they have more than enough venues to host a tournament, in fact at one time there was talk of maybe alternating the tournament there and here.

It’s always been considered a Rupert tournament, I would imagine there is a way to work around any of the problems that crop up about it making it something for visitors and locals alike to take an interest in.

Like Seafest it’s one of the things that Prince Rupert is known for across the province (and into Alaska), seems like something you would want to help make a success.       

I’m sorry city workers are getting old more then 65% are over the age of 35,
this saves the city alot of money on sick leave.

retire then so others can have jobs.
i know people that never use sick leave just because its there doesnt mean it needs to be used.
too many people use sick days because they have a cough or w/e.

If 10,000.00 covers costs then it should be considered.
As for giving freebies to city because it cuts down on sick leave doesn’t wash.
Give it to the kids in our community so that they don’t grow up sick.
Either way they are silly arguments to give the facilities free to anyone let alone
high paid city workers.

you have that a bit backwards… high seniority/older employees cost more in so many ways. holidays, severance, medical/dental, add to the list if you wish.

Perhaps we hire city employees on a contract basis, short term, just short enough so we will not need to pay any benefits leaving council the ability to hand out near free offers for facility use.

I like that, then you can say you have done your part AJ, for the community. Your co workers might be upset but you can set them straight with one of your uplifting speeches.

the all native tournament is one of the biggest in Canada, yet you don’t hear anything on the sports editions of the vancouver news casts why is that? and being all native isn’t there any dollars from our all mighty ottawa clowns for them, oh wait I forgot they were prorogue to go to the olympics