Ghostly image caught on security cam?!

Saw this odd video clip on CNN.  Ghosts? :smile:

I saw that earlier today and right away was thinking that Ray and Venkman should go and check this out…

I do believe in ghosts. The house we owned when we lived in Rupert was haunted, that joker loved to bug me!!!

I’m fascinated by ghost stories and find the whole subject intriguing.  I haven’t experienced an apparition yet.

Our ghost loved to keep us awake with mysterious, loud thumping sounds in the ceiling of the master bedroom (in between our room and the ‘library room’ upstairs), killing my clock radios and moving things while we slept or in one case, moving a toy while my husband was in another part of the kitchen.

Our animals never seemed to be disturbed much by it (except for occasionally staring at the bedroom ceiling during the sounds) so we never got overly spooked by it but I was not too happy about replacing three clock radios in the space of four years, dammit!!

Looks like a bug crawling across the camera to me :wink:

Logical explanation.  That explains the images.

Oh MiG, going and spoiling everyone’s fun!

I was in that building once!  Well, in the office part, anyway.  Asheville is a neat town.

People jump to all sorts of conclusions when they see an undefined image.  Sorta like a Rorschach test.  The same way other people see Jesus or the virgin Mary in a slice of toast. 

I think MiG is right; the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.