Ghost in a top hat

I’ve heard a few stories about a ghost in a top hat. Is tall and thin and is reported as looking like a magician.

Has anyone heard anything of this here in Prince Rupert?

why would abe lincoln be haunting prince rupert?

I know you are asking a serious question but I just couldn’t resist…Am I bad?  :smiley:  It is probably Charles Hays who went down with the Titanic, I believe, but whoever it is or what it is, won’t hurt ya…

I’m thinking Fred Astaire:-)

Putting On the Ritz

I had heard a story a few years ago (I think it was on the CBC) about a ‘Haunted House’ on Emmerson Place. (Just off 4th Ave West).
May be worth a ghost hunter checking out.

ah that’s just Herb Pond, there’s another election coming up…

I think it is the house on 4th East the lawyer who died I have seen pics taken of the house when it was for sale, my friend was in there, took the same pic on her digital pics looked okay, once she left there was the outline of this man weird.

Wow.  Would you please post the picture! I am very interested in any paranormal happenings in Rupert!

  I believe that house was bought in the last year.  It sure is a beauty though, marble floors, real old world Italian design. A friend of mine lives across the street and has never mentioned anything paranormal happening!  She would run for the hills if there were even an inkling of anything “odd” !

Ya, I am pretty sure a pilot who flies for North Pacific Seaplanes bought it.

I believe the lawyers wife was found dead in that house…

My friend says that she never felt scared in that house, she only felt that someone was there.  I would not go in I have had too many weird things happen to me not bad just stuff that freaked me out. I would like to know the history of the house, If I remember I think ink that it was built for someone  with the railroad when it was first built. In the late 20 or 30’s. Prince Rupert Archives maybe … sorry but my friend lost her camera it had the pic stored in her memory card.

There are many haunted houses in this town. I have lived here all my life and grew up with people who have lived in houses that had ghosts or whatever you want to call them. In fact I believe this entire Island is haunted and no I am not being sarcastic. Something due to the fact of old burial grounds.
I know for a fact that one creepy spot is the old East wind apts or whatever they are called now up on Kootenay. I used to live there and all kinds of strange things happened. I was so glad to get out of there.
I too find the paranormal very interesting.

The house was built by a speculator on the early years of PR. It is a actually a high end beach cottage(?) design, If you look at it from Cow bay you can see the resemblance to a beach house,and if you look at the old maps of cow bay you will see that before Cow Bay was filled in the old highwater line was not far from the rear property line (although 75’ higher) 

Supposedly at one time in the rear basement there was a boathouse complete with winch for pulling in boats