Get off my lawn you crazy kids!


Also I have very baggy pants.

Do you pull them up to your solar plexus?

In my line of work we love the oversized pants trend. Makes it harder to run away.  :smiley:


Yes it’s always harder to run away when you have to have one hand on your pants that are falling down because the 2-6 in your pocket is pulling them to the ground.

You know you’re an old fart when your belt buckle leaves a red mark between your nipples…

You know you’re an old fart when you say:  “The kids today with their high speed wireless set-ups, when I was younger in the early 90s we were happy with Netscape 1.0 and a 14.4 modem” :smiley:

First ISP I setup was 10 28.8 Couriers and you got all your software on a floppy
netscape, eudora, ftpLE, etc. The router let all 10 users share a 56k frame relay.
$40 a month for 100 hours!
Many rural users maxed out the telephone concentrators pulling down 2400 baud… the lucky ones got 9600

Very cool. :smiley:
Wow, your post sure takes me back:-)  In 96 I had a a crappy P150 IBM with a 28.8 modem running win95.  I thought that was pretty cool at the time.  The stupid thing cost over $3000.
Thank God for DSL:-)

I think i started off with a Free 486 From SD52 :smile: then moved to a Socket 7 PI166 with 32mb ram and a 4 gig hdd with win 98… WOW the old days… AND i still have people calling in with win 98 BOOO !!