Get Off My Doorstep Pt.2

Hello People :smiley:

I was just opening my eyes as I heard a knock at the door, I was under the impression it was the renovation workers, so I opened it without double checking.

Ta-Da… “We’d like to tell you about your savior, blah blah blah”…

I’m like “Oh Okay, Cool  :imp:” They’re like “What’s your name?” I proceed to tell them my first name and they’re like “Oh Okay, We’re just gonna go to the next house”

The first woman’s partner was like “No we have to go house to house” So you know, she wasn’t having any of it, they both continued to try handing magazines & brochures to me, when I interrupted & offered them to buy some of my DVDs.

They were STUNNED!! They were like “uhh which ones?” I was like “Good Ones.”

lol it gets better, they were like “Sure we’ll buy DVDs Off you, what is your phone number?” I was like “uh, no I will not give out my phone number.” They were like “Oh but we want to buy DVDs off you” I was like “Nah, can’t you guys just buy them off me now?” and they were like “No” so I was like “Oh… Okay, have a nice day”

trying to buy your way in to heaven never works, that’s why i keep coming back…

You sell DVDs?

…were you going to sell them porn? =/

Clever Idea.