George Carlin has died

George Carlin passed away on Sunday of a heart attack… … 00074.html

For those that enjoyed his material, there’s a wealth of it available on YouTube for viewing…

I really want to swear right now.

Whoever has George Carlin’s stuff, you can probably keep it, he probably doesn’t need it anymore…

:cry: Rest in peace Georgie!

Has anyone seen his latest HBO special? It’s bad for ya.
Absolutely hillarious.

No more Hippy Dippy Weatherman?  This really sucks!  Rest in peace, George! :frowning:



Six more words for you to go…  :imp:


I feel silly, I totally didn’t know he was Canadian.



According to IMDB, he was raised in New York.

The video:

No need to feel silly thinking he was Canadian,

He wasn’t

Weird, that’s what they were saying on the news this morning.

“Canadian comedian George Carlin …”

By chance was this one of the local stations?

Define local.

If Vancouver is local then yeah.

I’ve always been a fan of his.  I remember my uncle gave me this tape of a bunch of comedy acts, complete with Abbot and Costello’s Who’s on First? bit.  It had one of George Carlin’s first bits, Wonderful WINO radio.  While it’s really tame compared to his later material, you could kind of see the seeds of his style starting to grow in it.

Hmm, well local would be like uhm Prince Rupert, but I see you have already answered the question…

Maybe I was just tired, and hearing things.