Generating electricity from water

does the citys water system work on gravity feed? or how does that work? there is a watershed or something over across the harbour, and a reservoir up on top of roosevelt - do we pump water up to roosevelt and then let it flow downwards? or are there multiple roosevelts in town.

im curious if you could hook up a little generator to your water main coming to yuor house and generate electricty when you use water.

or maybe if everyone did that it would make fall down go boom?

I’m curious where the water comes from as well. Wherever it comes from, it isn’t that great. Then again I am used to some of the finest water in the world.

I think Rupert water is pretty good. I’m not sure on how the system works, but I’m pretty sure the main still crosses the harbour by Sourdough Bay/Wainwright from Shwatlans? I dunno how it’s spelt. Anyway there is a lake or somethign over there i think. I’ll take an aerial pic if I end up going for a bomb this weekend.

vancouver used to have the best water in the world. then in the early 90s they added so much chlorine it’s like drinking from a swimming pool. now i live inland and the water tastes like blood

you’d have to leave your water running all day…

MOMENTS: driving home from work and the main road to our house was under 6" of water cuz the lake rose so much and the radio was on: “The District of Fort St. James would like to remind you that watering restrictions are in effect. Even numbered houses may sprinkle even numbered days odd numbered …etc” The lake rose so high the city park was flooded right up to Hwy 27… the shores collapsed so much the Village Office nearly slid into the lake. THey’re building a new one cuz it’s 20" out of canter