Geeky Christmas gifts

wanna hack my wii? lol

Yeah, NCIX was up later on and I grabbed the stuff I posted earlier, monitor being a Samsung 2343BWX 23" 2048x1152. I strategicaly picked that resolution so the player window bordering a 1920x1080 video file doesn’t fall off the screen, making it a pain to scale on occasion. Finally the desktop can go in the office with a properly sized monitor, and the WD can take it’s place in the bedroom. The WDTV Live is such a great product, I really can’t say enough good things about it, and I’m really hard to please. Gigabit switch is a price-match from Anitec on the Trendnet TEG-S50G. Everything was very cheap, but not in the way that you might expect from a traditional boxing day sale.

I was reading a photoshop mag I received for x-mas and it was talking about how great the new line of bamboo pads are. Some of them let you paint with your finger and rotate the image and make selections using two. Very cool. Is that the one you got?

I found this on ncix >.> Looks interesting. … omoid=1012

They also have a really good deal on this tablet, $50’ish, which sells at staples for $90: … omoid=1012

Now that digital cameras have really come down in price I’m looking at a mid-priced SLR.
What do you folks think about this unit?  I may buy it here in town or on the Intertubes.

Nikon D3000

I got a keychain with a window-smasher on it.
Just in case I’m trapped underwater in my car and I’m too damn stupid to roll down the window.
And a crescent wrench with knife blades in the handle. Three days trying to figure out when one would ever need a knife and a crescent wrench at the same time…

lawd-a-mercy, did I ever click on the wrong board!! Don’t understand a thing you people are talking about (except the key chain thing!).  Guess I didn’t get a geeky Christmas gift… :confused:

Mixed reviews, but in general it sounds like one of the best entry-level DSLR cameras Nikon has released. Vistek has some good sales on right now, $100 off the standard 18-55 VR combo and $250 off the 18-55VR & 55-200mmVR. Some reviews say the ISO noise is bad above 200, but I don’t buy it. My old D40 wasn’t that bad, and the D3000 sounds like a D60 series replacement, which replaced the D40 series. Still no Live-View (who cares?) and still no AF for non AF-S lenses. For the price you can’t really complain. has a good review, that I would trust over most others.

Thanks, orangetang!  That sounds exactly like what we want. :smile:
Edit: added later.  We bought the D3000 from Vistek…should be here next week at some point:)

The d3000 is a good little camera. You’ll be happy with it.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iphone FTW!!!

Now to figure out what my iTunes account info is… it’s been a while.

I’ve been playing so much FIFA 10 (and new Mario) on the Wii that I have a blister developing on my left thumb from the controller.

Is it bad that I get up at 4am to use the bathroom, and then find myself downstairs playing soccer against some random person on the internet?

lol not on holidays MiG… that’s perfectly acceptable on holidays.

you get fifa on the wii ? must be crazy with those controllers lol. im on the last level on mario addicting game i had to put it down lol. now im on to assasins creen and watching my son play halo wars lol

Yeah, I had to run out and buy a new classic controller to play FIFA – those 10-year-olds on the internet kept beating me when I used the Wii controllers.

I can’t get very far in Mario, unfortunately – the kid keeps working against me.  Doesn’t understand cooperative mode :smile:  He thinks it’s hilarious that he can ride Yoshi and eat my character and then spit him out.  

i do that to my son all the time lol . but hes 8 heh. he gives me a narrative when i play games like assasins creed go here dad go there oh there it is lol