Geeky Christmas gifts

So what kind of geeky swag did you get for Xmas?

I got a 19" Samsung LCD monitor for my main PC.  We celebrate Christmas on the 24th…we’re European:)

Yeah my ex used to use that one!
But it’s 4:00 it’s Christmas in Scotland!!!

Not geeky, but my daughter’s bf had to rush off and said he couldn’t give me NOTHING so he pops this thing in my hand and goes out the door.
I’m looking at it and I look at my kid and I’m just about to say WTF is with a pinecone?
It’s a BUD, Dad… has it really been that long?

:astonished:  :astonished: HAHAHAHA
That would be a surprise

Ha-ha-ha-ha, great post, herbie!  :smiley:

Maybe he ran out to get you something to help you with that BUD like a little pack of papers or a nice glass device :smile:

We’re pretty much maxed out for geek hardware around here but there were some fun things like the talking bobble-heads of Kirk- and Spock-prime now sitting on my computer desk, the “Avatar” game for the Wii and our new 2010 calender is the “Doctor Horrible” one my daughter was drooling over…LOTS of movies too, somehow I ended up with two copies of the “Kill Bill” saga, lol. :smiley:

Geekiest gift? An electric robot cockroach-thing that rips around on the floor and reverses when it touches things. It’s like a micro-roomba on crack, without the vacuum. Mostly new-house stuff for me this year; pots, pans, tupperware, file cabinet, etc.

My family’s big geek gifts were a 46" LCD, HD receiver, Beatles Rockband “Limited Edition”, and a WD TV Live media player (which is very impressive) to geek out with.

I’m going to treat myself to a new monitor, WD TV Live and Gigabit switch as soon as NCIX gets going again here. Looks like their website is having issues.

That’d be a good gift…

I got my girlfriend a bamboo pen and tablet, I got a whole lot of something which will be decided later.

Probably a nice set of impact sockets or a table saw.

My kids got an ipod and a RC racing car among other things:)

I got my 2 cats new toys and a fresh supply of catnip.  Does that count as geeky?  :smiley: I guess I should ask them  when they wake up from their drug- induced coma  :stuck_out_tongue:

Santa brought me socks and underwear. Great gifts, but not exactly what you expect elves to be making throughout the fall.

DJ HERO!! and a itouch looking at a hp dreamscapr monitor

Bose SoundDock II for Ipod…sweet!

I’m getting an iPhone this upcoming week.  Nothing else fun here… I’m pretty much a slave to retail at this time of year and don’t like Xmas anymore :frowning:

I didn’t get anything geeky…

All the gifts I ever needed were on the faces of the people I gave MY gifts to. That has got to be one of the best things about Christmas to me…

That, and pie… And ripping open the gifts I do get… hehe, I like destruction.

Well said.  The scream of delight from my 15 year old when she saw the new ipod was wonderful!  It was a real challenge to keep it hidden during the weeks prior to Christmas.

I had a huge 9" x 12" Genius tablet and told the girl who does print designs to check it out. She was blown away by what she can do with it, just loved it.
So the day I took off I put a ribbon on it and told her to take it home as a Christmas bonus. She was thrilled.

Been itching to grab one for myself, I used to do a fair bit of cartooning in my younger days.

      Nice comment bubbasteve… :smiley:  I have seen you comment before on how much you like pie, so I got you something to drool over…enjoy

I also got the WD tv live, a great unit attached to a WD 1Tb hdd and it runs dual duty with the newly hacked Wii running the external usb hack to play backups off the drive, and the older one got an Ipod nano with copytrans mananger installed for proper sharing with other computers. :wink:

and right now I’m attempting this hack to run mac inside windows 7 … s-edition/