Gay Simpsons Character

Smithers, who is that man?

We are coming up to Mount Carl.

That was one magical summer.


Comic book guy.


Taken from The Simpsons Archive upcoming episodes:

Thanks for ruining the suprise, jackass.

But if its Patty, what the hell is with Smithers and Lenny?

Lenny is as straight as the day is long.

I bet you my left nut its Flanders.

Its gotta be Smithers. Remember that episode where Homer makes the fortune cookies and Mr. Burns gets a fortune saying “True love will come on flag day” so they go out looking in clubs. Smithers was scared when the dancers were dancing with him. It’s obvious Smithers is the poon-dog.

Everyone already knows Smithers is gay or has homosexual tendencies more than the average person on that show. They are being smart and making it someone that not that many people would suspect. There are gay characters all over the place, but not too many lesbians. This would be the first in a mainstream cartoon too would it not?

Hey it could be the Sea Captain too. Im sure he’s had some lonely nights on a

ship full of men.

But on the site they say “Speculation is already running rife across fan websites about who will be the mystery gay character, ranging from Mr Burns’ devoted sidekick Waylon Smithers to one or both of Homer’s sisters-in-law”, which makes Waylon a candidate.

And regarding see captain, narh… he not be gay…

But what of all the (Cant spell word that is thigh but in pirate talk) remarks

about lonely nights at sea. Arh

And Lenny has to be one! I mean he carved a mountian into the shape of

Carls face. Thats gotta be saying something.

I bet Carl’s face hurt after that one!

It’s clearly Flanders.

It can’t be Flanders…

WonderMike makes a good point, Flanders lost his wife and has still not

moved on after many lady firends . Plus he’s got the gay guy chest, as said

by Homer.

Man this is such a hard choice… but if i had to pick someone on the simpsons that was gay… besides the obvious… I have to agree with Dave - Comic Book Guy…


the old guy that was frozen in the quickemart lol

hey while where here…

Hans Moleman! Hes everything else.

I was guessing it was Smithers when they had those “Who Killed Mr. Burns?” episodes… and it turned out to be Maggie… so I’m thinking Maggie is gonna come outta the closet. :smiley:

She is way to young to be gay, she can’t even suck cock yet!!!

But I know she had alot of practice. :stuck_out_tongue: