Gas prices

Can anyone tell me with oil at $87 a barrel why the gas prices are still $1.28+ a liter???

Why do you think it is?

Coss they’re still selling their $110-a-barrel oil

I hope you are being sarcastic. In case you aren’t let me ask you why when they were still selling their cheaper oil during the hurricanes etc that gas prices jumped immediately.

Another interesting note on the gouging thats taking place is when the petro canada refinery in alberta went out they were out of gas meaning we get our gas from alberta and yet during the hurricane petro canada also raised their prices even though there was no chance of them being affected.

I no longer buy gas from petro canada. I dont really care about gas prices though it costs me 60 bucks to fill my tank and that lasts for 5-700km.

The oil companies have gotten us cheese heads use to $1+ gas. I didn’t notice any less vehicles on the road when the prices were at their peak so the sheep will pay whatever the oil companies ask!

Another question…why is gas at the Hays Cove Petro Can $1.33.9 while at the petro canada in the industrial park (formerly Race-Trac) is only $1.28.9??

Makes you wonder why anyone would buy gas from the Hays Cove petro can. :neutral_face:

The Petro Can station in Port Moody automatically give you 2 cents of per liter when you show your Petro points card. Not here!

LOL, do you miss paying $1.09/L in Vancouver on the Friday night?  :smiley:

Holy shit, Chevron is pulling out of the Fort. And Mackenzie too.
That will leave only FasGas (or Last Gasp, as some of us call that watery crud) in the town limits.
It also means the only store (Town Pantry) in town open after 9 will be gone too. Run out of smokes and it’s off to the PetroCan on the rez.
Maybe they should invite all the politicians back, hold another pancake breakfast and tell us how good things are gonna be again! It’s been 2 weeks since the last one…

This would be why: … 209_19.png

If anyone’s interested in a real discussion of the topic (by that I mean discussion over and above the usual blame game nonsense) head over here:

The Oil Drum is an awesome blog.  It’s one of the ones I scan every day on Google Reader.  So is “The Big Picture” – the Boston Globe one, and the economics one too. 

Convenience??  :stuck_out_tongue:

Gas is now under a dollar in Ontario! 
So, the politicians in Ottawa have cheap gas.  Go figure.  :confused:

  • Jake

gas in edmonton 98.9 plus discount cards

The Chevron dropped it’s price to $1.149 to drain it’s tanks. The others in town followed.

As of midnight, we have ONE gas station in the Municipal limits and word is it is in receivership.

8 more unemployed for the fire.

I still say, that until you guys are paying $2.20 per litre, your lucky :smile:

I’m trying to decide which is stranger, the fact that Petro Can at Hays Cove sticks to the price of 1.26 while all the stations downtown are at 1.19, or the fact that there were still people filling up their tanks there today…

It was only $1.07 in Burnaby last night.  The highest I saw in the Okanagan on the weekend was $1.17.

Another little thing that is annoying! Before pay before pumping started, when you paid at the till with credit a card the receipt showed the amount of fuel and the price per liter. Now all there is on the receipt is the total amount paid.
With the old receipts at least you could keep track of your cost per kilometer.

The Chevron receipts at the pump show all that info if you pay at the pump…