Gas Prices

Gas prices are very high right now. Which Gives everyone somthing to Complain about. But what really licks the juice of my pickle is, People are complaing over a few dollars a month. If your car took 50$ gas a month, and prices jumped up 10cents a litre your only payin 5 more a month.

So if your that cheap and need to complain about 5$ a month, and cant walk your lazy $$$ a few times to make up the diff… Then be my guest

Yeah, make bush walk the extra mile in his brand new pair of shoes on one of his private islands taken some time ago.

Is that what you’re going to tell Gramma when it costs her an extra $5 to see the specialist in Prince George? Stop whining and walk your lazy ass a few times?

Come on you guys suck it up, you know deep down that bush and all his millionaire buddies and all the oil companies need this money more than we do, and will probably spend it on something much more important than you and I will. Time to sell the SUV and get back on our bicycles.

since we know it was all about oil, and we’re now paying what we did before the Iraq war started, I guess GW sent those 1,000s to their deaths in vain…
oh wait, they’re a democracy now. they get to vote for whoever GW approves of, just like us. never mind…

Meh, I fill my 45L tank every 3 days or so and change my oil every 3 weeks or whatever. An extra $30 or whatver a month is like a partial tank… I don’t even notice it. However, when I can afford something greener, I’ll take it.

In our anxiety not to offend and upset people, we were not only sanitising war but even prettifying it, as if it were an acceptable way of settling disputes, and its victims never bled to death but rather expired gracefully out of sight. But war is real and war is terrible. War is a bad taste business.

but that’s how it works. there’s a loud noise, you fall down without even a mark on you, and everyone has plenty of time tell people how much you love them and get licked by a puppy. Then you close your eyes and sigh one last time.
you can see that on tv anytime…

Peak oil baby, From the wilderness…

Get ready for my new pamphlet to help you deal with the crisis:
Turning leaf springs into samurai swords, and 50 other skills you can use to take over your neighbourhood when faced with the outbreak of chaos as the global economy runs with open eyes into a wall”

funny thing in washington gas was roughly 250 US /gallon nice and cheap

roughly 62 cents/litre us…

I know what you’re saying, and I totally agree. I’ve been through a war back in my home country, and it’s the most horrible thing some one can go through. It’s spilled blood for nothing. Seeing family members and friends die for some useless bastards’ profit. It makes me sick to my stomach, and I hope people like GWB will burn in hell for what they have done.

Well they may not burn in hell but im sure they will have fun digging their way out of their 8 trillion dollar debt


Whenever I’m in Vancouver in the summer, there’ll be one gas station in the entire area that is a tenth of a cent cheaper than te surrounding gas stations, and there’ll be cars lined up for 6 blocks waiting to fill up there.

I hate cheap people. I mean saving a dollar here and there is great, but some people are just pathetic about it.

I have people in summer come to the front desk where I work and ask the rate for a hotel room and they freak out and make a scene, if you thinks its expensive keep it to yourself and leave go to another hotel. I get a kick out of the ones that end up coming back.

We’ll being as i have a lil 4 banger in my car… It ranges from 26-30 to fill it up and lasts 4-5 days… which is me driving lots. but its not that bad I wine about it being AHHHHH 93 cents a litre!!! ahhhh nooo but its not a big diff usually 28$ gets me good.

While they were driving around looking for the cheapest price and waiting for their turn, they’ve easily burnt more than they’ve saved. Is ‘they’ve’ a word? I’m nose deep in Astronomy, studying for my midterm at 11:30… At this point, English makes less sence than a black holes ability to compress the Earth into a point smaller than Yngwie_69’s pickle. Fairly impressive, but why? And why do Pulsar’s emit synchrotron light in finly focused beams from it’s poles??? Well, now you know that when you look into the sky at night and see a twinkling star, you’re exactly in one of two areas in the universe where you would ever be able to see that.

Huh? You think Gramma would be worried about $5 bucks after an 8 hour drive and a visit to the specialist? And obviously she aint gonna walk 800km, and neither are you… Fool.


Huh? You think Gramma would be worried about $5 bucks after an 8 hour drive and a visit to the specialist? And obviously she aint gonna walk 800km, and neither are you… Fool.[/quote]

what if grandma only had $65 to get to prince george and her grandson’s car burns $70 to make the trip. and they still have to get back.

Well the interesting thing is gas prices have gone up about 30-40 cents/litre in the past few years my tank right now is about 45 dollars to fill (i use premium gas so its 1.06/litre) I have owned my car for about a month and filled it up about 6 times so this is costing me alot more than 5 bucks a month.

I love how the people with the biggest, most gas guzzling vehicles complain the most. I can understand it for people that NEED these vehicles, but for those of you who drive a big truck or SUV ‘just because’, quit bitching.