Gas prices, when there is gas!

So this is interesting, Terrace like Rupert had a bit of a run on gasoline the last few days.

But Terrace has been resupplied today, as Petro Can sent a truck through from PG over the Cranberry connector.

As an added bonus, the folks in Terrace now pay 1.17, two cents cheaper than two days ago, and ahem, eight cents cheaper than what we paid on empty the tanks day…

Sure would like to know why our price needs to be six to eight cents higher than a town normally 90 minutes away… :unamused:

Price of gas drops
The Terrace Standard
10:26:27AM, Jun 08 2007

ONE OF two local gas stations that ran out after rumours of pending shortages spread through the town Wednesday has had its storage tanks re-filled.

The Copperside Petrocan station in Thornhill was re-opened this morning but the company’s Shell station in Terrace remains closed, says company official Chris Moldenhauer.

“I’m not worried about the fuel situation anymore. Petrocan got some from Prince George through the Cranberry Connector,” he said.

It’s not known when a Shell tanker will come over the Connector.

Not only is fuel flowing over the Connector, but the price per litre has dropped from yesterday to today.

From yesterday’s price of $119.9 a litre for regular gas, it is now $117.9.

the official answer from Petro Canada

" because you live in rupert, deal with it"

next question


My brother was paying $1.15 in Courtenay yesterday.  It’s usually more expensive than here.

I don’t mind spending a few pennies more for gas…it is the price we pay for living in the city of rainbows.  Higher prices are better than no gas at all. :smiley:

Good God, don’t let the gas companies hear you talk like that…

Sheesh, some things you really shouldn’t post in a public forum… :wink:

Supply and demand have nothing to do with retail gas prices.

The prices in Prince Rupert and Terrace area a great example of this.

We have a severe shortage, and prices drop?

No, gas prices are dictated by refineries – especially those with no competition.

Hi test…you cant be for real.  Lets go one step further.  If you love the city of rainbows so much then let then tanks run dry and we could do our share for the environment.  We could name it new greenville…  Then the city of  would be that much more attractive, from an environmental tree huggin sort of way

just drove threw town and there is no gas… I hope the trucks get down soon…

Ouch.  As the highway is now open hopefully some tanker trucks will be heading our way soon.

Heh, you’re probably right:-)  I just don’t pay a lot of attention to the prices because there’s not much I can do about how high the prices are.  So I pay for the gas and live with it.
Some things in life you have no control over.

I, for one, welcome our new oil industry overlords.

This pricing structure is absolutely perplexing  :confused: I can understand why Vancouver gas is usually one of the most expensive, for they have a transit tax of 12.5 cents per litre that goes directly to the GVRD, but why do other regions base their prices on Vancouver, when we do not have such a tax?  Even with the lower gas prices we in Prince Rupert are still paying some of the most expensive gas in Canada.  On this day June 13, 2007 the average gas price in Vancouver is 111.9 (thats including the 12.5 cents per litre transit tax), whereas, in Prince Rupert the Gas Lords saw fit to throw us a bone, and lower the price to 119.9, and that is without the Transit tax that GVRD applies to gas in Vancouver.
Businesses in Prince Rupert should be up in arms, for the lure of lower gas prices and cheaper goods in Terrace makes the trip up the Highway much more appealing.   

so you’re going to go to terrace and buy … cheaper gas.  gas, cheaper by 8 cents a litre ? so. on a 60L tank, you’re going to save, $4.80.

and you’re going to burn how much gas getting to terrace and back?

dude, i think you got your name wrong, perhaps you meant, freedom FROM thought?

No, but if you’re in Terrace, you’re more likely to fill your tank rather than wait until you’re in Rupert.

I don’t drive much around town, but I go to Terrace a couple of times a month.  I think my last 3 or 4 fill-ups have been in Terrace.

But it’s a mistake to think that your actions will influence the local retailers.  Supply and demand don’t apply to the local gas retailers.  They don’t set their own prices, so they really don’t care if you buy from them or not.

I don’t think it is so much as how much the savings is … it’s more of the principle  of $4.80 on top of the 12.5 cents per litre that is pure profit not going into a business that assumes we “have to” buy from them.  This entire town has no motivation for change… most businesses expect people to pay higher prices and accept the service (or lack thereof) that their business is suppose to provide.  Every gas station waits for Thursday, this is when Petro Canada changes their prices, and the other stations follows them, this way they can wash their hands and point to Petro Canada and say that is the going rate.  I have been tracking gas prices for the last year in Prince Rupert, and we are more often than not at the higher price range for gas, not only in BC but Canada.  If needed I would drive to Terrace just so the locals won’t get my money.  I don’t expect that would break their will to continue overpricing gas, but at least I will comforted in the fact that my money won’t continue their cycle.  BTW like the “freedom FROM thought” comment, I usually lose my logic when it comes to gas prices.  Have a good day. 

Well, shortly before the cruise ship left yesterday, I snapped this picture at approximately 7:30PM.  I hope the trend continues.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Not sure if i need the Gas station BUt love the Sun shining in Rupert and proves it does more then rain here  WTG Hankaspanka

I was shooting the photo to show the gas prices had dropped from 119.9 to 116.9 but didn’t want to crop out any of that wonderful Rupert sunshine. :smile: