Gas prices going back up?

Fill up your tanks, Petro Can has put the price of gas up six cents from what it was at early yesterday.

From 90 to 96 cents, so far the only downtown station to follow suit is Husky.

Always good for Petro Can to be a market leader I guess eh! Must be that lenghty commute from downtown to the east side that spikes the price :laughing:

OK, so by this afternoon everyone drops their prices back down to 90 cents, sure would be one annoyed puppy had I filled up at Petro Can or Husky this morning…

I filled up at Esso this morning still at 90.9/litre and now I see PetroCan is back down to the same price - in Terrace and Prince George prices went up yesterday but I don’t know if they came back down this morning - what rubbish.

when I filled up at like 230 in the afternoon here in terrace, at the husky it was still at 88.4

When I left PG Tuesday morning prices were 90.9, I see today some stations are up to 96.9

Why cause you would of paid a whole 2 dollars more?  I remember people coming back getting mad cause of a 1 cent difference.  Imagin drivin all the way back to a gas station over .25 cents.

My grandparents’ do this routinely: Drive 40 kilometres, to save $0.02/litre.

Spending $2.00 on gas to save $0.60 on gas.

for my truck i saved 20 plus dollers, when it went to 90.9 then again i get my gas at race track gas :smiley:

Well I wouldn’t bother going back to complain about the 25 cents, mind you when it goes up six cents and then down six cents in less than 24 hours I probably would start buying my gas at another station that isn’t so dramatic in price fluctuations.

As a guideline if I notice one particular station jumping the price up I generally go downtown and top up at the competition who may still be at the lower price. It’s not like we’re driving for half an hour to find a gas station or anything around here.

Every little cent counts you know. especially when you consider the volume of traffic per day. Pretty good profit margin in just 24 hours if you think about it. 

It is 91.9 cents in this here Hub City called Moncton.

Does gas get to Rupert by ship, or is it trucked from the Husky refinery in Prince George? A truck is about 40,000 L so you can calculate if you’re getting a good price or not.

The Hays Cove Avenue Petro Can is notorious for raising their prices only to drop them again hours later. My dad and I both live on the East side so we pass there all the time. This guy has been doing it for years. Thankfully no one else takes the bait and raises there’s too although from what Podunk posted I guess the Husky is following suit now.

I’ve always wondered if the Petro Can is doing that here on orders from corporate or if it’s just  the guy here trying to make a quick buck off of people who don’t pay attention to the price.


Well, they’re all down again to 90.9.

I wonder if they’re all buying from the same wholesaler, or even if they’re selling on consignment for the same wholesaler.  Either way, the little guy has very little control of the prices.

I havnt paid less than 1.06/liter :confused: and I dont see the big deal.  Before my tank was 35 bucks to fill now its 40, so I moved closer to work and use 1tank/two weeks instead of 1/4days. I really dont see why people complain, if you really cant afford it stop driving its rupert you dont need a car unless you live/work in port ed.

I just would love to satisfy my curriosity as to why it’s always the one gas station that puts thier price up, and then lowers it down again hours later. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason for it, I’d just like to know why.


yngwie might know the answer to that one CrazyMike.

Every Petrocan is required to call in 2 price surveys a day.  They usually do go up first, and go down first to.  if someone else goes up, and you call that price survey in, most likely petro will go up to.  The owner of petro can has nothing to do with the price, he doesnt even know when the price change happens.  A machine calls petrocan called viper and tells them to change thier price.  One time petrocans price went so high compared to the other prices we told people to go somewhere else while we called and called to get back down.
I think the people who decide petros price is based out of ontario somewhere.

Ouch they got us today. 89.9 yesterday, 95.9 this morning…

You guys are so lucky.  Right now, the price of gas over here has gone DOWN to 120 yen per litre, which is about $1.19 CDN.  Over the summer it was up to 136円/l ($1.35 CDN).

I miss Canada sometimes :frowning:

I use premium gas so it was about 1.35-1.40 for the entire summer. I feel your pain, but gas is a tiny part of my budget ~600-700 bucks a month at the highest point in the summer.

95.9 when I went to bed, 89.9 when I got up, back to 95.9 after work. WTF?