Gas Price 83.3

Gas price in ontario is only 83.3 

71 cents is the lowest in Toronto.  It’s a price war. … y/Business

Of course, it can only happen when there is competition in the wholesale gas industry. 

If all the gas stations in a town are selling for and from the same wholesaler, then there isn’t going to be any competition.

Is this the case here in Rupert?

I’m not sure, you could ask around.  I know that the lack of competition at the refinery and wholesale levels is the reason we pay a lot more for gas than we should.

But in most of Canada (except the really big cities), there is only one wholesaler.  That wholesaler either sells to all the stations, or, more commonly, has the stations sell its fuel “on consignment.” 

That means the local stations have no control over their pricing.  It also explains why they all change their prices at the same time.  It also explains why some stations (like in Terrace) advertising one price on their sign, then “discount at the pump.” 

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hays Cove station is on a different wholesaler. For some reason he periodically up’s his price for a couple of days and then drops it to what everyone else in town is charging.


Might be buying the gas and selling it, rather than selling on consignment.  Anybody know?

But the problem is that there isn’t really any competition on the rack price – if you’re a small operator, you have almost zero control.

This is interesting from the Calgary Sun: