Gas goes up again

As of 2:30 gas was on its way up around town

Petro Can  1.40
Husky  1.40

Esso  1.37
Chevron 1.37

Race Track ??
Port Ed Maverick ??

Find your price if you need some… :cry:

Do we not get another Kick in the ass come July 1st. ?

Yep Mr. Campbell’s green initiative is still on track, hang in there though your hundred bucks is in the mail, by the time we get that it should just about cover one fill up at your local station. :astonished:

Summer’s coming, time to enter “full gouge mode”.

Gas here was $4.05 the other day and now it’s $3.86.  I expect it to keep going up as summer progresses.

We pay over five dollars for one of your gallons of gas. So really, be thankful.

It’s interesting as you drive up Hwy 97 to see gas in Fraser Lake at 1.32 rising to 1.42  in Terrace and beyond.

Although I never expect to see a reasonable explanation for the price variance, it would be interesting to hear the justification from the oil companies!

And people in Europe pay over $6.  We should both be thankful.

I think it sounds like just about the right time to use the ol’ horse and carriage.

The price variance between municipalities is due to taxes.

Only in the lower mainland and other places that charge municipal taxes on gasoline. None of the Northern municipalities do. Sometimes gas is more expensive in Rupert than Terrace, and vice-versa.

Weird to see gas higher in Terrace last weekend.

Yeah, usually the reason gas is cheaper in Terrace and further along is because of the cost of getting it here.

I wonder why it was higher in Terrace?

To account for the 3.5 cent rebate most stations give?  Was it still cheaper after the rebate?  :neutral_face:

Actually for the last two weekends here (ok, I only know for sure about the petro can) the price of gas/diesel goes up on Friday, and comes down a few cents on Monday. 

Until diesel is twice the price of gas (and I’m sure it will get there) I won’t be complaining too much yet.  Time to consider the biodiesel conversion setup, perhaps.

Thx to our buddies on the Rez… the Petrocan wouldn’t raise, so the others dropped back after a couple hours:

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Gas here is $4.15/gallon now.  Starting to cost more to go to work than what I actually make working.

1 gallon = 3.78L

$1.40 / litre
$5.29 / gallon (Canadian dollars)
$5.19 / gallon (US dollars)

$1.47 / litre
$5.56 / gallon (Canadian dollars)
$5.46 / gallon (US dollars)

1 (Yankee) gallon = 3.78L

1 gallon in the real world was 4.54L. The real world doesn’t use them anymore, hence the last country on the planet to not join the 20th Century gets to relish in the use of toy gallons.
Hence the proper conversion is
$4.15 = $109.8L
McD’s in PG pays $9.50 hr = 6.8L/hr

Divide what McJobs pay there by 1.1 and send us a report. We’ll call it the “McGas Index”

That’s not accurate.

Liberia and Burma also don’t use the Metric system.  That fact speaks for itself, I guess.

How many rods to a hog’s head does your car get anyway?