Gas gas gas

So its up to $1.31 in town , when is this shit going to stop ? I pumped it up yesterday for $ 1.28 just in case it all went down that way. Silly thought but can the city not do something , I know , I know I do have bad ideas sometimes.

You know the city can be blamed for any number of things I’m quite sure, but trying to factor them into the rising price of gas is just goofy.

Guess Jack could round up an expeditionary force and invade Alaska to take over their oil, but somehow I don’t see that happening.

Seems the prices always increase prior to a long holiday weekend so best to gas up a week ahead ! Happy Easter Everybody! My guess is not too many of us driving too far away !!

Yep, 1.31 down south as well. Time to spend some more time on the bicycle again.


Guess Jack could round up an expeditionary force and invade Alaska to take over their oil, but somehow I don’t see that happening.[/quote]

At least the tax payers of Alaska get an oil dividend cheque in the mail every year. The more oil extracted the bigger the cheques. Last I looked into it was around 2007 or /08 and every Alaskan citizen received a cheque for around $1,800 . That’s $150/month. Maybe we should start asking for dividend cheques for the resources extracted from our Province.

But [gasp], that would be socialism…!

I still cannot comprehend why the price in the north is the same as of that in the south, first of all Translink (formerly GVRD) collects .15 per litre on gas in the lower mainland; however, Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District (SQCRD) only collects .05 per litre on gas in Prince Rupert, Terrace, and Kitimat. Someone is making some serious coin in the north. Distance to refinery comparable.

Justin, WHY do you always blame the city? Have you been huffing too much petrol or something?

Bubba , if you read real slow you will see that I have not blamed the city for anything .

LOL you still made the ludicrous claim that insinuated the city should be able to do something about high gas prices. Always, always, complaining, in some way shape or form, about our city. Maybe it’s good you’re moving, now ya can post your complaints about the new town you’re in. I’ll be waiting for it. Maybe Mig will create a special forum just so you can post your rants there. :wink:

If I believe that its not positive , not fair and it is run by lame ducks yes I will complain . Which brings me to you bubba , you always seem to get your nose and lips in there some where. As for the gas prices , I knew there was no way for council to get into it so I was joking .

Hey, what can I say, I get bored sometimes with limited mobility. Why not question things?

Half the Yanks blame Obama.
Half of them think if they drill, drill. drill domestic oil the price will go down. (That really works, doesn’t it Alberta).
More than half want the gas taxes (the only part that benefits the country) cut.
$1.31 is cheap.

But we are getting shafted in the North. $119 in Abbotsford today. That’s almost five grand on a 40,000L truckload if you bought it there retail.

Wow, talk about the pot calling the kettle black, you weigh in with an opinion at the drop of a hat, and more often than not try to push a personal agenda or two with it.

Don’t buy gas at Petro-Can. Simple. You paid 3 cents more than anywhere else in down. They are always higher or are the first ones to go up. Its no wonder the Hays Cove station went tits up a couple of months ago.

My guess on why the gas price spike recently, is due to “speculative price manipulation” so the extra profits can funnel their way into U.S. Treasury purchases. The market is flush with oil (should = lower prices) and the U.S. government is approaching insolvency…

Drilling creates capital, wealth, royalties, employment,entrepreneurs and taxes. Canadian pension funds are chock full of Alberta shares. High oil prices fuels our Canadian socialist rocket. Every time I fill up the suburban, I smile about it.

Prepare thyself, price of gas in PG this morning, 134.9 … ts+a+litre

You’ve been warned!

That means you can fill up a tanker in Abbotsford/Chilliwack and make $6000.00 bringing it to Prince George.
$7000.00 if you get it wholesale… $14 a mile