Garbage at recycling depot

OMG…just take a drive by the "dump"bins at the depot,a new low even for P.R.Happy new year!!!

What do we expect? and driving around a bit last night I saw a few over flowing dumpsters around town.
Gotta love it Happy Holidays :smile:

DIrty disgusting pigs in this town. I live in the Sherbrooke Apartments and at least once a week or more the garbage is overflowing from people just stuffing and stuffing the garbage in. There are also several people who don’t reside here that use the dumpster. I say lock them all up.

All that mess is usually just from sunday !

December 27

Looks like most weekends. I wanted to get rid of my recycling, have it in my trunk…think I will wait for Monday. But they did put that 24 hour station in. Once people get there they don’t really want to head home. It seems most times I have driven past there on weekends that they underestimated how much it would be used. The bins for cardboard are the most used bins, and there is not one for glass, so people end up lining their bottles on the ledge. At least the cardboard in in the right spot, just doesn’t fit in the bin…

isn’t it obvious, since the installation of the after-hours bins, how much the recycle depot is used? Especially on the weekends? I was there last Saturday before closing time and people were already using the after-hours bins instead of driving into the depot. Always thought it was a bad idea for the depot to be open for such a short time on Saturdays. Saturdays should be a full day and a slow week day could be chosen for a half day. Hope a solution can be found soon before the after-hours bins are removed and citizens resort to “bush dumping”.

Slobs are not only there. We have a “Transfer Station” with a recycling shed. They closed the shed in Nov. for a week, threatened to permanently because people were tossing garbage bags in there instead of going the extra 50 feet. The guy that works there told me he closed it of his own accord when he found a dead dog in a garbage bag on the shelf in the recycle shed.