Gaming PC for Pennies on the Dollar

selling my computer


Cooler Master Elite 430 Black Edition
Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800w Modular PSU
Gigabyte 790XTA-UD4 AM3 Crossfire Ready Mobo
Phenom II 965 x 4 3.4ghz cpu
G.Skill RIPJAWS 4gb ddr3-1333 7-7-7-21 RAM
Seagate 500gb sata HDD
Kingston SSDNOW Vseries 64gb Solid State Drive
Samsung 22x Sata DVD Writer OEM
MSI GTX 480 1536mb GDDR5 DX11 Graphics Card
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler
4 x 120mm Case fans, one is antec tri cool, three are Cooler Master Blue LED
1 x 140mm intake fan on the front
NZXT Sentry 2 touch screen Fan Controller
Steelseries Merc Stealth Illuminated Gaming Keyboard
Razer Lachesis Wraith Red LED 4000dpi Gaming Mouse
Acer 23in LCD Model X233H 1920x1080 resolution
Steelseries Syberia USB headset
and some new speakers I just bought from the source.

No Operating System. I was using Windows XP but that’s going back on my old spare tower
asking $1800 obo

if gaming is not a big thing for you I can include a slower Graphics card and take off $300

I also have a XFX HD5770 1gb gddr5 dx 11 card that works great but is a bit slower then the gtx 480.

if you would like to choose the hd5770 instead I’ll sell the PC for $1500.

really good deal considering the 480 was just worth $500

Posting a picture might help!

I for one hate LED fans, its so annoying to look at.

@Jase sorry I didn’t see the reply, my camera is broken right now, my computer has been changed a bit since this post last month, I won a free case from CoolerMaster, so I switched to that, I originally bought the haf 932 because I wanted a full tower, and about 4 days later CoolerMaster emailed me and said I won a HAF X.

that’s the case i’m using now, it has a set of dual cathodes, with a switch on the back to turn them off, and it has a 230mm red led fan, but it has a button on top to turn the led off. so you can either turn the lights on to show your friends, or turn them off.

I also got rid of the Hyper 212+ air cooler and went with water cooling for both the cpu and gtx 480.

How much do you want for the XFX HD5770 ?

I’m lookin 4 another pc, would you be willing to sell as barebones system?
ie mobo-cpu & fan- ram & ssd-powersupply-hdd & dvd dr?
I wouldn’t need the monitor, the video card , case , keyboard or mouse.
what do ya think?

@MRCANADA i’ll sell the hd5770 for $140 obo if you want it :smile:

@hunchiga so you want the power supply, motherboard, cpu, ram, hdd, ssd, keyboard and mouse? how much are you willing to spend on the barebone? i’ll consider it, if you make an offer.

also when would you want to have it ready by? I changed the motherboard, it’s a micro atx motherboard now, still am3, and ddr3, just a smaller version, I doesn’t have crossfire support as it only comes with one pci-e x16 slot, if you are interested in buying it I can let it all go for $800. I sold the hyper 212 plus to a friend I still have the stock heat sink fan that comes with the cpu though.

you can email me at for any more info, or if you would like to arrange anything.