Gaming . . . Linux Cluster?

I was wondering, is this even possible? and if it is possible, then how may we go about putting this into reality?

another note,

reading the description of the youtube video helps.

I was wondering, is this even possible? and if it is possible, then how may we go about putting this into reality?

You can’t afford it, so don’t even worry about it.[/quote]

how would you know if someone else can afford it or not?

think about it, at 300-400$ per 20" lcd, plus the computers then the video cards. im thinking its going to be about 20k if not more.

I’m sorry I didn’t type my question out properly, it might be hard for Some people to interpret it.

the answer to the question I was looking for was somewhere along the lines of, how it’s possible to “cluster” computers together using linux distros, plus, even when you get the linux cluster’s going how is it even possible to play games such as the one you see in the video?

once again sorry for typing out my question in the wrong way

where do you buy your computer parts? if you go into a store with all products marked up then yeah maybe, but a 20" lcd is only about $200 you could get a 24" for $300-$400 now a days.

it was simply a question on how it worked.  not how he can make it happen.  or how much it cost. … Idiot

He works in Future Shop, so has an idea about just how good those $200 20" monitors really are.
You can also run 24 monitors off ONE computer with the right video processor, like a scoreboard. You won’t find one of those for $99 at Future Shop.

… yet …

Thanks Herbie,  yeah he can go ahead and buy a 200$ 20" it will look like complete SHIT blurry and at 200$ per 20" It would be vga only, so if that was the case, whats the dam point of building this with a slower connection slower refresh rate, and a shitty pile of monitors.

I actually beg to differ about the “if you get a $200 for 20” it’ll look like shit and blurry with low refresh rate, low connection, etc." … cture=Acer

is the monitor I have, it was purchased for about $180 and it’s fantastic.


anyways, it seems SOME people are STILL misinterpreting my questions,

I DIDN’T say “How many 1337 monitors should I use in a linux cluster . . . ?”

I’m simply asking, WHAT sort of Linux distro would be used for linux clustering, And, how I would go about “CLUSTERING” computers together.


Cool, I found a HOWTO, I don’t know if it is good or not.

I’m reading it now :stuck_out_tongue:

Quote For Truth.


ya could do this as stated and maybe…maybe play pong with linux.not worth it in my books.


so you speak from experience and know 100% that the only thing you can do with games on a linux cluster is play pong?


This is one of my three computers running Ubuntu, playing World of Warcraft (I have previously posted this in the screenshot thread).

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

we have lost many good fps players to WoW, may they all R.I.P. LoL

lol :stuck_out_tongue: