Gaming Keyboard/Mice

I was wondering which was better. Is the Logitech MX518 better than the Razer Diamondback Plasma? I want it for gaming and just work/surfing and life.

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My advice, wait patiently for the Logitech G9 Laser Mouse, and the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard.

I took both for a test drive at BlizzCon and I must say they were probably the greatest keyboard/mouse duo I’ve ever used.

Keypoints of the mouse.

  -interchangable grips
  -3200dpi laser engine for better speed/accuracy.
  -onboard memory to store mouse settings
  -Add up to 28 grams of extra weight (Yes, you can make the mouse heavier/lighter based off your preference)
  -choose between click-to-click scrolling, perfect for weapon selection, and frictionless hyper-fast scrolling with the MicroGear Scroll Wheel.

The Keyboard

-First gaming keyboard with auxillary display
-Gamepanel backlit LCD
-18 programmable G-keys
-3 level keyboard illumination.

BlizzCon was great for these sort of things, Dell came in to market a bunch of new stuff, as did Intel. Was much fun.

I prefer the logitech G7 Laser mouse

its cordless, and comes with two interchangeable batteries and the usb receiver is small and easy for lan parties

plus being able to change the laser sensitivity on the fly is perfect if your sniping or running around killing

G15 is out–no need for him to be patient for that one. … e=Logitech

Gaming keyboard:

That’s one of the ugliest ashtrays I’ve ever seen.

Its so gross!

Hehe I know of people who play/played WoW on their 12 inch Powerbooks with just the gamepad.
Apparently one of them had pretty much all their keys bound to some sort of action.