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Which console is best?

  • XBOX
  • Gamecube
  • PS2

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I have been looking into getting a gameing console, now that they have come down in price, and I have a flat screen TV. XBOX, GameCube, or PS2, and why? Which is easiest to mod, so I can play burnt games?


PS2 > xbox.

I added a poll to your message, coolness.


I’ve played the X-Box and its pretty fun, but i’m more of a computer gamer :neutral_face:


I traded in games from my PS2 and now I only have three:

NHL 2003
Tony Hawk 4

Best… games… ever.


I have always been into driving sims. I played one of the Sega Rally games on an Xbox last night, and the detail blew me away. If Colin McRae 3 is coming out on Xbox and not PS2, that would be enough for me to make the decision.

Which is easiest to mod so I can burn games?


[quote=“MiG”]PS2 > xbox.

I added a poll to your message, coolness.[/quote]

That is very cool. I love this new forum setup. Why isn’t this thread on the homepage under tech forums?


Dude, the xbox is a computer. It’s running windows, even, isn’t it?

The only thing the xbox has going for it is HALO.



Dude, the xbox is a computer. It’s running windows, even, isn’t it?

The only thing the xbox has going for it is HALO.[/quote]

I think Xbox is better… However I do remember hearing something about Xboxes crashing when they first came out. heh


Ive played all 3

and i like Gamecube, playing Tony Hawk 3 PWNS
and Metroid Prime fuckin better then halo by far!

but they all good! get them all!

Gamecube = Metriod exc
X-box = well lots of good games
PS2, SOCOM, all games as well

if you buy basically one of them
you can play all games on them cause they allways come out for all 3 systems

ps2 is easiest to mod thou as usual :smiley:


I have a PS2…
Played XBOX, it’s good i admit, but it doesn’t have the big companies backing it like the PS2. For instance SquareSoft and Konami being two sweet ass game developers are exclusive to PS2. So if you like the FF series or MGS then the choice is clear. Aswell PS2’s internet play is up and pretty sweet.
XBOX may have some better games, but I don’t think any of there really popular ones are XBOX exclusive. (minus HALO) I personally think that when most companies creating for XBOX first see popularity in a game they have created they all seriously consider hitting the other consoles aswell. “Dead to Rights,” being a good example of this.


If you mod a PS2, I’m pretty sure you CAN still play online.

If you mod an XBox, you definitely CANNOT still play online.



2 words… Metroid Prime.

also Devil May Cry 2 is making an appearance on the Gamecube, so theres another reason to buy one.

Screw the internet, you wanna play on the internet, play on your computer.

PS2 is fun too, since Final Fantasy 11 will be coming out, unfortunately, its online :frowning: which means you’ve gotta fork out the 150 bucks to buy a special harddrive that plugs into the back, so you can actually save your online game, or something along those lines…


Jesus! Another Final Fantasy?

Not very final, now, is it?

Almost as bad as The Neverending Story. Then part 2.


Ryan: You forgot Super Smash Brothers. Also, you are a fag.

A guy on my floor has a PS2, it’s rad, but we all totally play multiplayer games… like, I think consoles are great for “party” style games (super smash bros is a blast), I prefer my trusty PC for pretty much everything.

  1. Eso, you is a mucho soccer mom, so, you lose your fag calling rights. Fag.

  2. Super Smash Bros is nothing compared to Super Smash bros Melee, (obviously, since SSB is older) which might I add, I played FAR too much of, when Tyler came by for a weekend.

  3. Yeah, FF11 looks decent, almost up to par with Everquest for MMORPG graphics. If it didn’t require a special hard drive, and I had the money, I’d buy a PS2 to play it.

  4. Time for more classes, woo woo.

    Elen 132 here I come!


Wow, you will need to buy a hard drive big fricken deal. I would gladly spend the extra cash on a chance to play a FF game ONLINE. Obviously this is going to shit kick all other MMORPG. Square has not made a single lemon yet and by the previews i have read this one will not be either. Also Devil May Cry 2 is coming out for PS2 and then making the transition to gamecube.

PS2 is the obvious winner in this forum. Sony will never let it down until they bring the next console out and Colin McCrae 2.0 came out for PS so its a safe bet that they will stick with SONY, a winning system at all levels of the industry.

And wow metroid prime woo hoo… Samus died along time ago live with it! The only thing gamecube has going for it are Super Mario Sunshine and Smash Brothers M.


Does anyone remember playing the original Space Invaders? Boy, those were the days…


Lol, Mario sunshine is a fucking 5 year old game.

Prime will kick ass, even more than Halo.


i thought FF11 was strickly an online PS2 games?



i thought FF11 was strickly an online PS2 games?[/quote]

Nope, FF11 will be released for PC in Japan shortly, then makes its way to PS2, and then finally over to North America. PC and PS2 versions of the game will be compatible with eachother to increase the amount of players in which to play with online. I think there already clans started for it too.