Games Canadian kids play

I’m supposed to give a presentation to an elementary school over here, and one of the questions they want me to answer is what kinds of games kids play.  I’m guessing video games and whatnot are popular, but what else are young kids into these days?  Does anyone still play Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh, or are those hopelessly out of fashion now?  What’s the big thing these days besides the Wii?

My kids are heavy into a game called Mach Worriers, and Dual Masters and really get a kick out of. They have a lot of fun with all their friends… It is a nice change from all the other games the get into that are very violent  :smile:

Lots of people got that nintendo Ds

We just got our 8-year old daughter the Monopoly game for Christmas and to my surprise, she loves it.
Must have something to with her liking to get and spend money.