Galore Creek mining project shut down for now

One of the larger projects in the northwest of late is in a suspended state today, after the Galore Creek copper-gold mine project was suspended by Nova Gold and Teck Resources due to ballooning costs.

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Ballooning costs… waaah!
Aren’t these the capitalist swine telling us that only happens to public projects?

Don’t worry the gold will always be there. And one day when we’re so desperate for work we’ll let them spew cyanide into the lakes, soot into the air, and pay us 65c an hour for the priviledge of working for them, we’ll get hired.

Has the price of gold dropped recently? 

Not sure if the price of gold dropped by any great measure, but Nova gold’s stock prices tumbled on the news, while Teck Cominco seemed to weather the announcement much better.