Gallery Space

Does any one have a server with 1.5 or less space they can donate to me for a while so i can run my gallery ? Just for a few months till i get my g4 server.


1.5 or less what? gigs?

yes please it is at 400 n ow but i haven’t uploaded all my pictures yet… can you spare some mig… i’m using the newest gallery software right now but the server is going off line for a few months…

This better be a really deadly gallery.

Ill hide the “REALLY” Good stuff.

Why not just burn it to a DVD for the time being?

I don’t have a dvd burner and i want to be able to have links to my photos for friends that go to the site regularly…

Maybe still has a free promo thing. I don’t think they do, but it’s worth checking out. I scored 3 years of free hosting there.

I think is only 500 megs.

Why don’t you upload them on your HTMF gallery?

Correct as usual. I just checked that.

IS there still one… i thought that you were using different software. ? And uploading one picture at a time with the new software would be weeks of work…

You can upload entire albums at a time. Everybody else does.

But yeah, that’s just one suggestion, you can certainly upload the photos here.

Other than that, you’ll need to find somebody to host them.

1.5 gigs? i just found out uniserve had our whole website set to 75MB!