G8/G20 summit security to reach $900 million

Could we not just have this summit VIA video conference or something a little cheaper. The money we could save as a country we could give to less fortunate countries or the poor Canadian people. 900$ Million for security alone,this thing could cost a billion dollars by the time it is over. Gotta love politicians and there summits?.

Where’d that number come from?

That’s right … that’s a lot of money??

CTV news, and other unreliable sources LOL, They (CTV) even broke it down. They are announcing it in the house today.

On the way to Pearson Airport on Sunday the airport limo driver was telling us of the mass security in the city, CN Tower will be closed, same with the stadium and most of the downtown core. So, I would think if you tally in the revenue lost from tourism alone not withstanding the money business will lose, it will add up very quickly.  Be forewarned if you are heading east as they have signs at the airport with the new restrictions heading through security and it is going to be a nightmare.

For fuck sakes… these peoples lives combined are not worth 900 million dollars.  What a waste of money.

Think again…they control the big eights economies which is probably in the trillions.

I am doubting that it costing 900 million.  The olympics security cost that much!!

And the olympics is way grander than the G8 summit.

Nah I think the estimate is pretty good, the Olympics while much “gander” didn’t have the eight top economic nation’s leaders in the same place at the same time, much more concern I would think at keeping them safe than the cavalcade of “amateur” athletes that dropped in on Vancouver.

Not to mention the other 12 in the second part of the big summit in TO, many of whom bring their own internal national feuds across the ocean with them. 

Sweet… on the off chance something does happen we have some new elections. Problem solved.  I’m not saying we spend NO money on security but a billion dollars is excessive.

  I was just going by what I read they did say it will rival the 2010 Olympics in cost, without of course the entertainment. Unless of course the crazies come out and start burning TO to the ground, not so entertaining I guess. It may be cheaper we will not know the final costs till it is all done. HAHAHA I almost pissed myself. This is government we are talking about they will find a way to spent all $930 million allotted (budgeted)for this.

And the fight is on, gotta love them politicians.

So how about they hold their conference in Tuktoyaktuk instead. Sure as hell wouldn’t cost them a billion dollars to secure the community and all of the leaders would get a close up view of what Global Warming is doing to our Artic.

assembly.gov.nt.ca/_live/pag … aktuk.aspx